Whoa! Floetry’s Marsha Tells All About The Horrible Things Group Member Did Her

Posted On : May 4, 2017
Floetry: (L) Natalie stewart; (R) Marsha Ambrosius
Floetry: (L) Natalie stewart; (R) Marsha Ambrosius

If you’re like us, here at ILOSM, and were hoping to eventually get new Floetry music one day soon, thing again. We were under the impression that everything was finally all good between Marsha Ambrosius (the ‘Songstress’) and Natalie Stewart (the ‘Floacist’), but turns out it’s just not and Marsha has finally revealed why. During her interview with The Breakfast Club, she pinpointed three major situations that caused them to break up three times. Check them out below:

First Came The Pregnancy Drama

At the 6:58 mark of the video (video is on page 2) Marsha talks about the last time they spoke, being last year (2016), after they had major tension due to Marsha’s high risk pregnancy with her first and only child, with her fiance’, Dez.

“The very last day of last year’s reunion tour. We did two years back to back of a reunion. On my end it was absolutely to reconcile, forgive, bury the hatchet, clean slate everything.”

Marsha found out she was pregnant while on tour and already didn’t like smoke on the tour bus because it damages the singing voice. She stated:

“If I’m already vocally going for blood every night as I did on that tour, I don’t really want any smoking on the bus…I don’t want no smoke on the bus anyway.”

But Marsha then found out she was pregnant while on tour and after telling Natalie she was pregnant, Marsha revealed:

“I remember telling her [Natalie] and she’s like “Oh I kinda figured it out on my own.” I was like ‘Okay…thanks…you’re welcome’ and moved on.” After getting a dry reaction and no congratulations (until later) from Natalie, Marsha says Natalie continued to smoke on the bus out of blatant disrespect and disregard for her unborn child, knowing Marsha couldn’t have smoke around her and definitely didn’t want her to smoke on the bus.


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