Whoa! Have You Seen KeKe Wyatt’s Body After Having Her 8th Child?!?

Posted On : October 17, 2015

Ok Keke Wyatt has had 8 children…yes, E-I-G-H-T. Her baby Ke’Yoshi Bella was born several months ago, and since then she’s been back in the studio, on stage, and obviously hitting the gym. This R&B Divas star has always been “stacked”, (an old school term for “fine”), and even at the age of 33, she’s not only ear candy, but eye candy as well. Keke Wyatt’s got a fierce drive.

If you didn’t know, back in 2001, she went thru an ordeal with her ex-husband, where on Christmas Day, Wyatt stabbed her ex-husband in what she claims was self-defense. Fast forward 14 years later, she’s fit, recording a new album, is a mother to her eight children and seems to be loving life. Kudos to you Keke!

Check out a few of her recent pics of Keke’s baby, her amazing body after giving birth to her 7lb, 12oz baby.

Keke Wyatt, pregnant with child #8


This girl has got the biggest eyes ever lol. Mommy's Boo Kitty!!! 6 months already. #crawling #pullingup #doingsomuch 💋💋💋
This girl has got the biggest eyes ever lol. Mommy’s Boo Kitty!!! 6 months already. #crawling #pullingup #doingsomuch 💋💋💋


Thankx Seattle for all the Love and support tonight💋 Fresh off the stage and back on mommy duty😘 GN💋


Keke Wyatt after baby #8!!!

And if you’ve forgotten what KeKe’s chops sound like…here you go!