Nia Long Blasts Men In Entertainment Industry For ‘Getting Rich’ Off Her Name

Posted On : August 31, 2018

Nia Long usually stays clear of any form of public drama, but recently she’s made quite a few statements that have turned fans’ heads. Apparently, the famed “Soul Food” actress is a lil’ ticked off about a few men in the entertainment industry. It’s no secret Black women in the film industry tend to be grossly underpaid, many refrain from speaking publicly about the injustice to avoid being labeled as “difficult.” But now Nia Long is speaking out about the challenges she’s faced and she isn’t holding back at all.

Paid Peanuts:

When Nia Long stepped out for a recent event for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, she spoke with The Associated Press, sharing details about her career struggles. “I have watched a lot of men get rich off of the films that I’ve done and I was being paid peanuts,” the actress told The Associated Press. Like most Black women who have demanded to be treated equally, Nia revealed she was condemned for her actions. “When I requested or wanted more, I was considered difficult, outspoken, entitled, and all of the things that should not be used to describe a woman who has earned her space, her place and delivers,” the 47-year-old explained. “And that just doesn’t apply to me, that’s for everyone.”

Check out the clip:

Although Nia Long has been in the film industry for more than 20 years, she admitted she’s just started to see distinct positive changes where equality is concerned. “I think we are talking about it,” Nia stated. “Women are more inclined to have those in-the-kitchen conversations with one another where we can just talk freely about all the things that we’ve been shamed [for].”

Being a Black Woman Over 40 In Hollywood:

Now, we all know it’s definitely not easy to launch any career in the film industry, but surprisingly the struggle of maintaining isn’t much different. In fact, there are many cases where it gets much harder for black female actresses to snag major roles as they age. Nia went on to discuss that aspect of her career. “I work really hard to get sometimes crumbs. I feel blessed and lucky to have the career that I have. But there are times that I’ve been beaten up in this business. It hasn’t just been roses and fairytales. It’s been a tough road.”

The latest news follows other interviews where Nia has given fans a glimpse into her professional life when the cameras aren’t rolling. Back in the day when Nia started out in the 90s, there weren’t nearly as many black women snagging mainstream roles in films. During a 2016 interview, she narrowed it down to herself and three other women people would commonly see on camera. She also revealed the unspoken competition between her and one other notable actress.

“When I started really working as an actress there were about four of us Jada Pinkett-Smith, Halle Berry, Regina King, and Jasmine Guy. But, the women that were I was in constant competition with mostly it was me and Jada,” she said at the time. “It was like ‘Oh.. Do you want the brown skin spicy girl? Or… Do you want the light skin spicy girl? Which one do you want?’ And, if you look at the history of film during that time.”

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“You will see how we were divided, but we both contributed something to this industry that I think it simply states, ‘We open doors for brown girls to be exactly who we are and that’s beautifully complicated.'”

Despite the disheartening labels so many African American actresses have been given, equality is the bigger issue that needs to be highlighted. Hopefully, the shift in the right direction continues. Props to Nia Long for speaking out and sharing her truth.