WHOA! T-Pain’s Pissed, Claps Back HARD At Media For Reporting THIS About Him

Posted On : December 28, 2016

Have you seen T-Pain’s recent Youtube video? He’s made a public service announcement for all media outlets that have taken the liberty of blasting him for not cutting his grass. Although it sounds crazy, it’s not uncommon for some media outlets to target celebrities for typical things regular folksĀ do on a daily basis. T-Pain has reached his breaking point with the pettiness and he’s decided to voice his frustrations. But first, here’s how the drama started: *SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO*


Bad Grass?:

As bizarre as it sounds, T-Pain has been blasted for grass and according to TMZ, Leon County, Tallahassee have reportedly fined Teddy Pain because he hasn’t cut the grass in a long time. In fact, the grass is reportedly more than 18 inches high in the front yard and there’s supposedly junk littered all throughout the lawn. The report even claimed officials painted a picture of T-Pain being a hoarder. If he doesn’t take action soon, the fines could stack up to at least $20K. But now, T-Pain has a response to all of the backlash…


Clapback Season:

In a four-minute clip, the frustrated singer blasted news outlets for writing reports about a notice he received for not cutting his grass. Since T-Pain hasn’t released new material in quite a while, he’s wondering why media outlets just won’t let him be great and live life like a normal person. Apparently, he hasn’t even lived in the home for more than eight years. He also explained that a landscaping company had been hired to cut the grass, but once they realized he wouldn’t be in town to check the house regularly, they allegedly failed to cut the grass even after being paid. But, he’s really wondering why anyone even cares to report about the landscape notice…


But here’s where T-Pain’s response deserves a helluva handclap: He’s also challenged news outlets to do something else. Instead of criticizing him for uncut grass, he’s wondering when news outlets and city officials will help him find the man who murdered his niece. The singer’s epic clapback has turned quite a few heads on social media and fans have applauded him for speaking his mind. WATCH T-PAIN VENT HIS FRUSTRATIONS BELOW:

Well said T-Pain…well said.