Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Her New Clothing Line And It’s…Interesting

Posted On : May 18, 2019

Here’s Why Whoopi’s Latest Venture Is Unexpected
I looooves me some Whoopi Goldberg, Lawd knows I do, but I still have to keep it real with you ILOSM fam.’

Whoopi modeling her new fashion brand, Dubgee [Instagram]
In my opinion, Whoopi isn’t necessarily the most fashion forward icon, if you will. Though her style is very unique- and I wouldn’t prefer it any other way- I don’t think ‘unique’ automatically promotes one to ‘fashion icon’ levels that millions of people would want to emulate. So it’s interesting that Whoopi’s keeping her Dubgee brand specifically catered to only her style. Now, that’s not a diss by far…just an observation.

Whoopi modeling her new fashion brand, Dubgee [Instagram]
On the flip side, however, Whoopi entering into the fashion game is unique in itself, and may actually be a huge hit. Sometimes doing ‘the unexpected’ is what draws the biggest hype.

Whoopi modeling her new fashion brand, Dubgee [Instagram]
The beautiful thing is that Whoopi’s making all-inclusive clothing for ALL shapes and sizes, which is very refreshing. For far too long, the fashion industry has operated under the myth that ‘voluptuous women can’t be sexy and fashionable,’ which is clearly a brainwashed lie. So props to Ms. Goldberg for that!

FYI: Whoopi’s Dubgee clothing can be purchased at Nieman Marcus, Ashley Stewart, Le Tote, or on Amazon.