Why Are Fans Surprised About How Rebbie Jackson’s Daughters Look? Here’s Why

Posted On : January 13, 2022
Rebbie Jackson

When Rebbie Jackson (71), the eldest child of Katherine and Joe Jackson, married her husband, the late Nathaniel Brown, in 1968, they vowed to stay married forever and that they did. During their marriage they had three children- two daughters and one son. Their daughters might as well have been models. They are absolutely beautiful, but one thing we couldn’t help but notice is that the more people get to see them online and at events, the more folks are surprised at how Rebbie’s daughters actually look.

Rebbie Jackson’s Daughters & Why Many Are Surprised

Bam!!! Meet Rebbie’s daughters, Yashi Brown and Stacee Brown. They are gorgeous right?!!

Rebbie Jackson’s daughter, Stacee (L) and Yashi (R)

So why are people shocked at their gorgeous looks? Well it’s probably because it has less to do with their beauty and more to do with there skin complexion.

Katherine Jackson (L) with daughter, Rebbie Jackson, and granddaughter, Yashi Brown

What the public is accustomed to seeing from the Jackson family, are mostly images of the Jackson kids who are biracial, since most of the elder Jacksons have had children with partners of different races, other than African American.

Rebbie Jackson’s, son, Austin Brown; and daughter, Yashi Brown

There’s nothing wrong with their biracial side of the family whatsoever, because all of the Jackson kids are beautiful souls, but it is also quite interesting to see some Jackson kids who remind us of the Jackson brothers and sisters that we grew up on back in the day.

Meet Rebbie’s Husband/Father Of Her Kids

Throwback photo of Rebbie Jackson with husband/father of her children, Nathaniel Jackson

Rebbie’s husband and the father of her children, Nathaniel Brown, is African American. Nathaniel sadly passed away in 2013 from cancer and he and Rebbie were married from 1968 up until the time of his death. Now that’s real love right there!

Rebbie’s Daughter & Son-In-Law

Stacee Brown is Rebbie’s and Nathaniel’s eldest child. Stacee was also a singer at one point (pictured below with husband and son). She’s 50 years old and married to producer/songwriter/musician, Rex Salas. They have one son together, London Bleu Salas (pictured below in a throwback photo).


Rex has an extensive musical background and he was also once a part of the The Jacksons’ band, of Janet Jackson’s band, and he’s worked many times with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, The Gap Band, Stacee’s mother, Rebbie, and many more artists throughout the years. Nowadays Stacee tends to shy away from the limelight more than her younger sister, Yashi.

Rebbie’s daughter, Yashi, is Rebbie’s and Nathaniel’s second born child and she’s 44 years old. Like her big sis,’ Yashi’s a very beautiful and intelligent woman. She doesn’t have children as of yet and she is a poet. In 2011 she released a book about her life living with bipolar disorder.

Rebbie is very proud of all of her babies.