Will & Jada’s Son Responds To Major Backlash For Wearing Womens Clothes

Posted On : February 7, 2016

will jaden and jadaWill Smith’s and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s son, Jaden, has been getting roasted all over social media ever since those photos of him wearing dresses and skirts to promote Louis Vuitton’s women’s clothing surfaced in January. Since then, all sorts of other photos have been popping up of Jaden out and about, rockin’ his latest threads-variations of skirts and blouses. Here is a shot of one of his Louis Vuitton women’s wear ads in case you missed it…
Jaden Smith in women's Louis Vuitton ad
After catching so much flack about his choice of cross dressing, he decided to address it on his Twitter page in a cool, calm, and collected manner and here it is…
Jaden Smith's response to hate about his women's clothes
And of course that brought on even more backlash from his Twitter followers who collectively expressed concern, utter confusion, and dislike for Jaden’s love of women’s clothing…

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The reactions weren’t all negative though, Jaden had a few supporters of his women’s wear movement…
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Here are a few more pics of Jaden Smith doing him in his dresses and skirts…
Jaden Smith wearing a skirt Jaden Smith womens clothing ad Jaden Smith women adJaden Smith is a heterosexual male, so for many of us old schoolers, it may seem a little strange that a straight male chooses to wear women’s clothing. Back in the day, most of us were only accustomed to seeing gay or bisexual men rock ladies clothing, which is perfectly okay. We had celebs like the singer Sylvester, Boy George, Little Richard- who were openly gay men- wearing lipstick, eye liner and women’s apparel, but then again, we also had Prince and David Bowie, who are straight males, but sometimes wore heels, makeup, and blouses to play on the line of merging the gender barriers.


Although Prince and Bowie’s makeup/clothing choices sparked rumors about their sexuality, we still accepted them and viewed their fashion choices as them making statements. That’s what it seems like Jaden is trying to do also, but maybe it’s just gonna take a lil’ more time for many of us to get a clear understanding of what his movement is.

ILOSM family what are your thoughts about Will and Jada’s son rockin’ ladies fashion?