Woah! Moesha Actress Angrily Reacts To Nickelodeon Star’s Claims She Abused His Child

Posted On : August 9, 2017
“Moesha” star, Shar Jackson, and daughter, Cassilay

ILOSM fam’ remember we told y’all about the unfortunate situation involving Moesha star, Shar Jackson, and her daughter, Cassilay’s, Nickelodeon actor boyfriend, Chris Massey? In case you missed that, Chris (27)- the former star of Nickelodeon’s TV show, Zoey 101– and Cassilay (22) have a 2 year old daughter, Mariah, together (Shar’s grandbaby). They’ve been dating for quite some time and recently, Chris filed a restraining order against grandma Shar, alleging that she put a razor blade cut across his baby’s forehead.

Fast forward to today and Shar is pissed hell off and has spoken out about Massey in a video interview. In regards to Chris’ claims, Shar said they’re “Absolutely false, absolutely ridiculous, and absolutely disgusting.”

Moesha cast: (L-R) Countess Vaughn; Brandy; Shar Jackson

According to TMZ, ‘Shar says the girl accidentally cut herself during a Facetime between her mom (Shar’s daughter) and Chris back in May. Shar says she wasn’t even there.’

Shar Jackson went on to refer to Chris as a “little boy,” who is “conniving” and a liar. She also pointed out the fact that in the 20+ years she’s been and a public parent to her three children, never once has there been a report about her harming any of her children.

Watch Shar Jackson’s Reaction To Massey’s Claims Of Abuse

Chris Massey’s Past Legal Trouble With Shar’s Daughter

Given the harsh allegations Chris Massey made about Shar, I’m actually surprised Shar took the high road and decided not to bring up the time Chris was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly hitting her daughter, Cassilay, and knocking her to the ground. Cassilay ultimately refused to press charges and Chris later stated that they were arguing in public, but he didn’t hit her, she slipped and fell.

Former “Zoey 101” Nickelodeon star, Chris Massey

Anywho, Shar says she has already filed legal actions against Chris in response to his claims. While Chris is continuing to move forward with his legal pursuit against her as well. At this point, it’s Chris’ word against Shar’s, so we’ll have to wait and see who is proven guilty in a court of law.

What Does Shar’s Daughter Have To Say?

Now here’s what I’m wondering: Where in the hell is Shar’s daughter at?!! The topic of discussion is her baby, but she has been mute on the matter the whole time her Momma and her man have been going at it in public. It may be about time for Cassilay to jump in there and try to diffuse that toxic situation for the sake of her precious baby, Mariah.

Chris Massey With His Adorable Daughter (Shar’s Grandbaby)