Woah! R. Kelly Pays A Massive Tax Bill After IRS Came For Him

Posted On : July 1, 2017
R. Kelly (via Getty Images)

R. Kelly may have been keeping his personal life on the low lately, but the IRS has put a part of his business on front street after placing a tax lien on his account for $730K. ‘Uncle Sam’ pretty much told Kellz that if he didn’t shell out the entire $730K immediately, they were going into his bank accounts and assets and damn near taking it all.

This tax issue stems from taxes the IRS said he failed to pay in 2013. But we all know that when IRS wants their money, they mean what they say- they WANT their money. Kellz has gotten that message loud and clear now. Here’s what was reported:

Via TJB: theJasmineBrand.com exclusively reports, R. Kelly has dropped $730k to settle a massive unpaid tax debt and the IRS has dropped their hunt for his assets and property, dropping the lien against the singer. The lien stated Kelly owed a total of $730,683.80 in taxes for the year 2013. On June 9th, docs were filed by Uncle Sam, headed to Illinois court who explained they are releasing the lien against Kelly.

It’s great Kelly was able to settles that tax lien, the only prob’ is that it’s also being reported that he has a few more tax liens pending…the IRS will probably be coming for that next.

Meanwhile, R. Kelly is still performing and fulfilling his life’s passion. Hopefully he’ll be able to settle those other liens soon, so he can remain free and keep his dream alive.