Woah..”Sweet Daddy” Actor Was Married To & Has Twins With A Well Known Actress

Posted On : June 12, 2018

It’s been 27 years since Theodore “Teddy” Wilson a.k.a. “Sweet Daddy” from “Good Times,” departed this earth and still there are several things we never knew about the actor who brought laughter to our living rooms back in the day.

“Good Times” scene when actor Theodore “Teddy” Wilson played “Sweet Daddy” (in plaid suit) and confronted “J.J. Evans” (via screen-grab)

Who Was His Wife?

One of the things that isn’t widely known is that he was married and has kids with another popular actress from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s eras. If you came up in those eras, you will probably remember her well from certain TV shows and movies.

Teddy Wilson (Sweet Daddy) married actress, Joan Pringle! Many of you may not know her by name, but you may know her face. Joan is best known for her roles on the soap opera, “General Hospital,” and the TV series’ “The White Shadow,” “The Waltons,” “That’s My Mama,” “Kojak,” and many more. In more recent years, she had a role in Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls as well as the TV show Girlfriends.

Theodore “Teddy” Wilson’s wife/actress, Joan Pringle (via Pinterest)

She Raised Their Twins

After Wilson passed away at the young age of 47, Joan was left to raise their two twins (son, Theodore, and daughter, Nicole) who were approximately 9 years old at the time. Joan became pregnant while she was still contracted for “The White Shadow” TV show, and according to People Magazine, the show adjusted by doing this: ‘To explain her [Joan’s and her character’s] pregnancy, the show’s writers gave her an estranged husband, played—surprise—by Teddy Wilson [her husband]. On TV, they reconciled.’

Teddy Playfully Referred To Himself As A ‘Househusband’

When Joan was starring on The White Shadow, Teddy referred to himself as the “househusband.” They were married and the twins had just been born. In a 1980 People Magazine interview, they said that the fact that Joan was making more money at the time than her husband was an adjustment for both of them, but they found a way to make it work. Here’s what they said about it:
Teddy: “As the man, I feel I’ve got to bring something in every week.” Adds Pringle: “It’s a matter of my handling it too, because I’ll start thinking I’m the big hotshot. We’ve had to thrash it out, but Teddy’s as open a man as I’ve ever met.”

joan pringle now-2
Actress, Joan Pringle (via Pinterest)

Joan Pringle is now 73 years young and has since remarried. She’s married to Vernon Bolling. Talk about aging in reverse though, geesh! Lookin’ good Mrs. Pringle!

Teddy passed away from a stroke in July 1991 at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and he and Joan remained married until his dying day. Teddy a.k.a. “Sweet Daddy” left a major impact on all of us old schoolers and we thank him for the beautiful memories. May he continue to rest peacefully.

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