Woah! TI Responds After Rob Kardashian Blasts He& Tiny For Alleged 3some w/His ‘Wife’

Posted On : July 7, 2017
T.I. and Tiny

ILOSM family, if you’re like me, then you probably still don’t really know why the Kardashian family is famous. That’s neither here nor there regarding this article though, because regardless of if we know the answer to that, the course of events that have transpired between Xscape singer, Tameka Tiny Harris,’ husband, T.I; and the Kardashian sisters’ brother, Rob Kardashian, are quite interesting to say the least.

What All The Fuss Is About

Rob Kardashian and his estranged ex, Blac Chyna

In case you haven’t heard, Rob’s been on a social media rampage, blasting the hell outta his estranged other half/reality star, Blac Chyna. Up until now, we thought they were just engaged, but in his recent rant, Rob referred to himself as Chyna’s “husband.”

A few days ago, he took to Instagram and Twitter to unleash a flurry of ‘receipts’ about Blac Chyna allegedly cheating on him with another man. In his Instagram rant, Rob posted several videos of Blac Chyna in bed with another man, as well as naked photos of her, which he claimed were ‘receipts’ of the secret body transformation surgery he paid for, as well as ‘receipts’ of Chyna either before, or after, she allegedly had sex with another man after having had sex with Rob, according to Rob. His Instagram account was suspended after the naked pics were posted. But he said this on Twitter:


T.I. First Goes After Rob Kardashian

After seeing Rob’s posts, T.I. interjected and slammed Rob underneath the comments of one of his Blac Chyna pics with this:

“Why bring ya business to IG tho?” T.I. asked Rob. “Look, You got worked bro…. But at least keep it to yourself, you letting the world know you a duck. I mean a BIG DUCK, a might duck, Ronald McDonald the suck, Scrooge McDuck, Howard the Duck, Huey Dewy & Lewie… save the #DuckTales Just hold this L, kiss ya kid & cut ya losses & more on…u got no moves bro.”

Rob Hits Back w/ Major Sexual Claim

That’s when their convo’ went from 0 to 100 REAL quick! In a post that’s now been deleted (because Instagram shut down Rob’s account), Rob blasted back at T.I. and unleashed a colossal sized claim: That Tiny & T.I. paid his ‘wife,’ Blac Chyna, to have a threesome with them. Check out what else he said about this below:

“Since TI wanna chime in on business that don’t concern him let’s talk about the threesome you had with Chyna and your baby mama Tiny,” Rob captioned in a screenshot of T.I.’s prior comment. “Don’t speak on my daughter when u having threesomes with young Chy and Tiny ::: and I put that on my daughters life since u wanna speak on my daughter,,, damn shame. Chyna told me everything about your threesomes with you and her and Tiny. U got no moves bro ;;; Correction ::: TI paid Chyna to have sex with Tiny and him.”

Rob Kardashian’s Instagram response to T.I.’s comments (via Baller Alert)

FYI: Blac Chyna is a former exotic dancer, so it wasn’t clear if Rob was referring to something that allegedly happened during her past dancing days, or something in the present.

T.I. Responds To Rob Kardashian’s Claims…Sorta…

At first, it seemed that Rob’s claim kind of put a mute button on T.I.’s clap-back, at least in comparison to how much Tip was going off on him prior to. However, T.I. did respond on his own Instagram page with a very subtle message…although he never denied what Rob alleged about a threesome with he, Tiny, and Blac Chyna. Here’s what T.I. posted on Instagram after Rob made his claims though…

And duckin these ducks.

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Rob is clearly a husband scorned and wanted to get payback on his ‘wife,’ Blac Chyna. He also accused Chyna of using their daughter as payback to her ex-boyfriend/rapper, Tyga, for dating Rob’s sister, Kylie Jenner, after her. Okay that was a long, drama filled mess of a tangled web, but yeah…that Kardashian crew is entertaining…as are some of their spouses and/or mates…

Listen family, I don’t know if Rob’s claims about his wife, Tiny & T.I. are true or not, but if they like threesomes, so be it…and if they do not, so be it. That’s their choice and they’re grown, consenting adults, so it’s all good. HOWEVER, hypothetically speaking, the moral of this story is: In the world of social media, anything’s liable to surface. So if you come at someone about their spouse, be certain that you have no skeletons in the closet involving that spouse. Again, just a hypothetical piece of advice.

At any rate, I just hope Tiny and T.I. stay together and burn their pending divorce papers, they make a great couple. As to Rob Kardashian and his ‘wife,’ Blac Chyna…good luck.