Woman Who Critically Stabbed Mary J. Blige’s Dad Did Not Get Punishment Many Expected

Posted On : May 25, 2019

Latonya Blige, Thomas Blige, and Mary J. Blige [Facebook]

Cheryl White was originally facing life in prison for her ‘attempted murder’ charge, which nearly killed Mary J. Blige’s father. However, Cheryl ended up coppin’ a plea deal and received a sentence that many did not expect…

Via Battle Creek Inquirer: Cheryl White, 50, pleaded no contest to assault with intent to commit great bodily harm less than murder and is expected to spend no more than a year in jail. …

The no contest plea was agreed to because of possible civil liability and because White could not remember the incident, [White’s attorney] Jeff Schroder said. … As part of the agreement both the defense and prosecutors said White would not serve more than a year in the county jail and would undergo mental health treatment as part of her probation.

In a past interview, Mary J. Blige reportedly admitted that her Dad physically abused her mother, Cora Blige, when they were married back in the day. It was also reported that Thomas Blige and Cheryl White had a “long history of domestic violence.” So, hopefully Mr. Blige and his girlfriend have learned wise lessons from their unfortunate ordeal, which ultimately could have claimed both of their lives.