When A Woman’s Fed Up: Day After R.Kelly’s Latest Court Hearing Ex Drea Files New Legal Claim

Posted On : June 7, 2019

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ILOSM fam,’ let’s start this article off with the chorus to R. Kelly’s hit song, shall we? *Clears throat* “Cuz’ when a woman’s fed uuuup…it ain’t nothin’ you can do about it/ It’s like runnin’ outta loooove…and then it’s too late to talk about it.”

Now that we’ve gotten that ever so appropriate intro out of the way, onto his ex-wife, Andrea “Drea” Kelly, and her latest legal filing against him.

What Drea Wants From R. Kelly…
For R. Kelly’s sake, the good news is that Drea did not file any new claims of sexual/physical abuse against him. The bad news for R. Kelly, is that she did, however, file a claim that is certain to sting his ‘nearly broke’ pockets (according to what R. Kelly).

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It’s just been reported that Drea’s afraid that Kellz will not pay her the rest of the child support interest money he owes. Therefore, she’s now filed new legal docs, requesting that the court expeditiously set a definite and soon deadline for Kelly to pay up.

As it stands right now, according to Drea’s filing, R. Kelly was not given a precise date as to when he’d have to pay her the remaining interest balance of $32,000 that he still owes from that lump sum back child support he paid months ago. As a result, Drea claims that the crooner is procrastinating like hell, with runnin’ her the rest of her court ordered money. Without a definite deadline set, she believes that she will ‘never’ get her paper.

This current child support drama stems from March 2019, when R. Kelly was arrested for lagging behind on his child support by a whopping $161,633.00. He sat in a Cook County, IL jail for a few days, until he came up with the money to pay Drea. Ever since 2009, he’s paid a court-mandated amount of $20,833 per month to Drea for their three children.

Even though R. Kelly has been forced to get back on track with his monthly child payments, Drea still wants her $32K interest payment. We’ll sit back and see how that goes…but Drea could also be requesting a rushed deadline, because based on Kelly’s latest legal problems, his money may really be dried up soon…

R. Kelly’s Latest Court Appearance (Video)…
In case y’all haven’t yet heard, R. Kelly appeared in a Chicago court to be arraigned on the 11 NEW sex assault/abuse felony charges against him, to which he pled “not guilty” to.

He also has the 10-count felony sex assault/abuse charges pending in Chicago, IL; as well as 3 Federal probes being conducted against him in the Northern District of Illinois, and 2 in New York’s Southern District and Northern District. Woah! It ain’t lookin’ good for R. Kelly this time.