Women Are Going Crazy Over Al B. Sure’s Other Son…Meet Him & His Beautiful Mom

Posted On : February 18, 2021
Al B. Sure

His legendary Pops had the ladies fainting and throwing panties at him in the late 1980’s and a little over three decdes later, Albert Brown IV a.k.a. ‘Al B. Sure Jr.,’ is doing the same. They say life repeats itself, and if Al B Sure didn’t know that before, pretty sure he knows it now each time he looks at his sons, Quincy Brown and Al B. Jr.. As Quincy continues to build his acting/singing career, his big brother, Al Jr. is turning heads with his singing career.

Meet Al B. Sure Jr.

Al B. Sure Jr. is now 34 years old, and a proud father of his toddler son.

Al B. Sure with his son, Al B. Sure Jr.

Al B Sure’s son is out here flaunting his abs for the ladies and making many of ’em look at him the same way their Mommas did his Pops back in 1989…

Al B. Sure Jr.

Al B. Sure Jr. is not only carrying his pop’s namesake, he’s making young ladies cry happy tears when on stage performing, as you can see in the image below.

Singer, Al B Sure Jr., performing on stage

And of course we can’t forget about the fact that outside of hittin’ up the gym and making the ladies swoon, the young brotha has music he’s pushing, check out one of his latest releases below:

Meet Al B. Sure Jr’s Mother

Al B. Sure Jr.’s Mother

Al Jr. is very close to his Mom, who goes by the name “Annie Mac” online. For her birthday in January, Jr. shared photos of his Mom online, and thanked her for all that she’s done for him and praised her strength:

“Today is a special day! Words can’t describe the love u give me! A post or comment doesn’t allow every 1 to know how much u mean to me! U really are the strongest woman I know! And I appreciate u so much for doin the most for us even when we were struggling u never let us see it all u just made it happen! Everyday is your bday mom! I love you so much! Don’t b sad! Enjoy this day and celebrate how many lives u changed! ❤️❤️🤞🏾 got you for life mom! Happy birthday my fav Capricorn! 🙏🏾”

Al B. Sure Jr. with his Mother

Throwback: Watch Bobby Brown Hilariously ‘Beat Up’ Al Jr. Backstage

When Al B Sure Jr. is not in sex symbol mode, he’s actually putting his other talent to work- his natural ability to crack people up with his sense of humor. In a prior article, we featured footage of Al B’s son hilariously mocking Rick James just to work on Bobby Brown’s last damn nerve. In case y’all missed that, here’s what we previously reported:


The “altercation” you’re about to see is from 2009, but it’s funny as hell, so we had to re-share it. Bobby and Al Jr. actually were joking around when Bobby delivered his beat down.

Al Jr. did a Rick James/Dave Chappelle skit re-enactment when he barged into Bobby’s dressing room. When Al Jr. said “Bobby Brown used to open up [shows] for my Daddy!…Oops I thought this was Aaron Hall’s room!” we fell out, LOL!

Al B. Sure and his ex must be so proud of their son gettin’ his grown-man on, and carving out his own lane in the entertainment game.