Many Never Knew That Chip Fields Was Surprisingly Famous Before She Was Acting

Posted On : June 27, 2016


Most old schoolers know Chip Fields, the actress, but did you know she was once a singer? Many fans probably remember Chip from her memorable episodes on Good Times when she played the abusive mother of Penny, portrayed by a young Janet Jackson.

Chip has been married to technical director Ervin Hurd since August 20, 1994.

“The Ronettes”

But surprisingly, before her acting career took off, she was a member of Ronnie and the Ronettes. The Ronettes performed “Walking In The Rain” live on television in 1973. In the mid-70s Ronnie Spector decided to reform the Ronettes after going solo in 1971. Chip Fields and Diane Linton were brought on as the two new members for the group. 

She was recruited by Ronnie Spector, the former wife of Phil Spector, to help form The Ronettes.

Check out the YouTube video below and pay close attention to the woman on the left.

The performance was actually just one year before Chip landed a role as an extra in Claudine. In the late 70s, she began to secure more acting roles made for television. Chip’s pivotal role on Good Times opened doors for other acting opportunities, which allowed her to pave the way for her daughters, Kim and Alexis Fields.

Kim, Alexis and Chip Fields
Kim, Alexis and Chip Fields

Once her acting career took off, Chip moved on from the group. After Good Times, she appeared on other 70s hit shows like Rhoda, What’s Happening, and Days of Our Lives. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Chip’s career also flourished.