You Won’t Believe Why “Laura Winslow” Is Trending All Over Internet Today!

Posted On : August 16, 2016

I know you remember Kellie S. Williams, better known as “Laura Winslow” from Family Matters. Well she’s doing fine and well, as we told you about her a few months back. Well now Kellie Williams is trending all over the place because of a beautiful picture she posted on her Instagram. The jokes were in fun at a more “mature” Kellie S. Williams who’s being nickenamed as;

Every Baptist Church’s First Lady!!!

Here’s the image that sparked the every Baptist Church First Lady Memes…

via Instagram @kellieswilliams-1
via Instagram @kellieswilliams

Here’s what happened next…


Laura Winslow looks like the manager they call in from corporate to help open the new Cracker Barrel.


Her greens are probably FYE.


Our guest speaker tonight will be Evangelist Laura Winslow


It looks like everything was all in fun. If you wanted to know what Keliie’s really been up to, after Family Matters, Kellie graduated from UCLA. She’s 39 years old and she has a very different full time job now. She’s traded in her acting hat for her full time Mommy hat. For the past few years, Kellie has been living the all-American traditional family life- she’s a stay-at-home Mother, with a husband, Hannibal Jackson, who works full time and brings in the bread, while she manages the household, cooks, cleans, and raises their two young kids (her husband helps to raise their kids also of course).

Kellie has a great personality and she described herself and her husband as complete opposites- she said she’s the upper and he’s the downer. He is always calm, cool and collected, while she is always bubbly, but obviously their opposite attraction works because they’ve been married since 2009 and are still going strong.

Their kids are adorable and Kellie and Hannibal still haven’t bought a bigger house yet, but it looks like their love runs so deep, that they could be living in a cubicle and still be happy as long as they have each other and their children. Can’t knock ’em for that at all. Do your thing Kellie!