Wow, Chaka Details Why She Was So Disappointed When She First Met Prince

Posted On : May 10, 2016

Chaka Khan told a very interesting story about the time that she first met the late, great, Prince. Although Chaka and Prince became really good friends afterwards and she referred to him as her brother, their first encounter wasn’t exactly what Chaka was expecting. In fact, she admitted that she was actually somewhat disappointed at first. But once you see the rest of what Chaka had to say, you’ll understand why…


CHAKA PAYS HOMAGE TO PRINCE After the beloved Prince passed away on April 21, 2016, Chaka Khan took to social media to expresses her love for her friend. This is the photo and caption she posted: "I LOVED him. The world LOVED him. Now he's at peace with his Father. Rest in power @prince, my brother."

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