Wow…Denzel Washington’s Face Just Got Tattooed Onto A Very Popular Rapper

Posted On : September 18, 2017

The old school saying goes, ‘imitation is the best form of flattery,’ however, in this particular case it’s more fitting if we say ‘recreation is the best form of flattery.’ Why? Because that’s exactly what has just happened to Denzel Washington. His face has just been inked into the skin of Drake, someone many would have least expected. *Scroll down for photo of tattoo**

Drake recently visited his trusted tattoo artist, Inal Bersekov, and walked out with a throwback image of Denzel as his jazz musician character, ‘Bleek Gilliam’ from the 1990 classic, Mo Better Blues.

Denzel washington adn Drake

Drake’s (@champagnepapi) tattoo artist posted a closeup shot online of his new tat’ and the fans of Drake (who goes by the name @champagnepapi on Instagram) were very surprised and in awe of the art. The Instagram post read: “Mo’ better blues” first session on my brother @champagnepapi , thanks as usual for your trust. “Clarke: ‘Cause mo better makes it mo better” @denzelwashington1 @officialdenzel #denzelwashington #mobetterblues #tattoo #tattoos #tats #ink #inked #canada #toronto #jazz #blues.”

Drake’s Denzel Washington tattoo

Although Drake’s new Denzel caught many off guard, the fact that he got a legend tatted on him really shouldn’t come as a surprise. He’s done this before…several times before. In June (2017) his same tattoo artist gave Drake his SECOND Sade tattoo.

Drake’s tattoos of Sade.

Drake also has the late singer, Aaliyah’s, face tatted onto the left side of his back, next to his beloved uncle and grandmother, as well as his mother (right side).

Drake’s tattoos of (L-R) Aaliyah, his uncle, grandmother, and mother

He also tattooed his Young Money boss, Lil’ Wayne on his arm!

Drake’s Lil Wayne tat’

Something else we couldn’t help but notice is that every last tattoo Drake has of his celebrity legends are waaay larger than that miniature one he has on his arm of his father, Dennis Graham.

Drake’s throwback tattoo of his father, Dennis Graham

Drake and his dad had a distant relationship for much of Drake’s life, but they reconnected in his adult life. So maybe that tiny sized tat’ of his Pops is Drake’s way of saying ‘Dad I love you, but you only influenced my life this much.’

Drake and Sade

Anywho, Drake has repeatedly expressed his love for Sade and Aaliyah in interviews, so it’s gonna be interesting to hear what he has to say about his love for Denzel. At any rate, Denzel Washington should be flattered that his work inspired the brotha enough to actually get inked for life with a portrait of his face. Do your thing Drake.

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