Wow, DL Hughley Reveals What Charlie Murphy Did For His Kids Until His Dying Day

Posted On : April 13, 2017

Comedian/radio personality, D.L.Hughley was a very good friend of Charlie Murphy’s. As he struggles to deal with the intense pain of Charlie’s shocking death, he took a moment to share a few details about Charlie’s life and the extraordinary man he was – especially in his role as a father to his three children. *Scroll Down For Video*

Charlie Murphy and DL Hughley
Charlie Murphy and DL Hughley

D.L. Breaks Down How Charlie Dedicated His Life To His Kids After Wife’s Death

On his social media pages, D.L. paid several tributes to his comedic friend, after news spread that he’d passed away at 57 from a long bout with leukemia. In a few of his posts, he also explained what he witnessed Charlie do for his children up until his last breathe. He recalled how Charlie was working until his last days on tours with him and other comics, and how Charlie had dedicated his entire being to his three children- two of whom sadly lost their mom in 2009:

@realdlhughley: After every gig, #charliemurphy rushed home to be with his kids. He died with gigs on the books. #RIP Brother, I love you. @TheDLHughleyShow … #TeamDL

D.L. Also Revealed How Charlie Had Him Fooled By The Severity Of His Illness

On his syndicated radio show, The DL Hughley Show, DL revealed how he was actually fooled by Charlie regarding the seriousness of his long battle with leukemia (a sentiment that many of Charlie’s friends and even some family members have now expressed). He explained how below:

“I lost a good friend of mine today Charlie Murphy. I will say that as sad as I am, I am glad to have gotten a chance to know him. … I think he was the best story teller I’ve ever heard, he was a great friend, I did a lot of gigs with him. […] After every gig we would all go to his room to watch him tell a story. I can’t pretend like I didn’t know he was sick…but the way that he would laugh and the way that he would carry himself, I thought that he would be alright. Charlie Murphy had such an indomitable way of…you believed what

Charlie with his daughter, Ava and son, Xavier; his oldest son from prior relationship not pictured
Charlie with his daughter, Ava and son, Xavier; his oldest son from prior relationship not pictured

In a 2007 interview, Charlie also discussed his love for his kids and shared a great story about the values he and his wife were teaching the two youngest ones, at the time, about giving back. He also joked about his brother, Eddie’s financial influence on his kids:

Charlie Murphy: I’m a big softie when it comes to my kids, definitely. I enjoy the holidays and I enjoy it because to me the holidays is all about family, seeing them enjoying one another and having fun. I’ve got one daughter who’s [now 28 months] and I have a son who’s [now nine years old]. Then I have another son who’s [now 22].”

“They know who the rich person is. They know who to go to for the big stuff. I’ll say no. I’ll be like, “What? Come on, man.” Oh, he’s gotten them all kinds of incredible stuff. What we do, my son whose [now nine] gets little toys way before Christmas. Like a month before Christmas, we take all his old stuff and we give it away because there’d be no room. He has to give everything, has to trade all new toys, we have to just throw it away. The ones we haven’t been playing with and then he gets new stuff. We don’t throw it away, we give it away.”

Charlie Murphy with wife Tisha Taylor Murphy and their son, Xavier
Charlie Murphy with wife Tisha Taylor Murphy and their son, Xavier

The sad part is that in 2011, Charlie revealed in an interview, how his then 5 year old daughter (now 12) was grief stricken about the death of her mother, Tisha:

“My daughter’s five years old, man. She asks for her mother every day,” he revealed to Esquire.

The unwavering love Charlie showed his children will never be forgotten, nor mistaken by them…we’re pretty sure of that. They lost their hero on April 12, 2017, but they gained the beautiful energy of a beautiful soul that will still be by their side and in their hearts with them every step of the way. Rest on Charlie Murphy after a job well done.
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