Wow! Fantasia Announces She’s A GRANDMOTHER At 32! See PICS Of Grandbaby

Posted On : August 28, 2016

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Congratulations to Fantasia and her husband, Kendall Taylor, on the birth of their new grandbaby, King Khoen! On Saturday (8-27) ‘Tasia announced that at 32 years old, she’s officially a grandmother. After seeing several media outlets simply reporting this as Fantasia’s grandchild, we did a little research and we found out that although Fantasia does refer to King Khoen as her grandchild, he is NOT her teen daughter’s child, he is her step-grandbaby.
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Apparently King Khoen is the son of someone by the name of  Trey, who on the day of the baby shower, Fantasia referred to as her “son,” which we’re assuming is actually her hubby, Kendall’s, biological son…

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At first we were trying to figure out if the baby belonged to Fantasia’s daughter, but quickly realized that couldn’t possibly be true, because as of 9 weeks ago, Fantasia’s daughter was NOT pregnant and was having a blast on stage with her beautiful Mommy. Check it out below…

Nothing like sharing these moments with your family. Me and my baby Zion ❤️ #RockSoul 🎥: @fatboi_polo2

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We’re very happy that Fantasia’s and her hubby’s grandbaby made it here safe and sound.

Also happy that Fantasia and Kendall LOVE them some them. It doesn’t get any realer than this…Kendall has Fantasia’s name tatted across his heart…
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Sidenote: Can we pause for a second just to talk about how ‘Tasia is one of the FINEST granny’s we’ve EVER seen?!!
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Lookin’ good ‘Tasia! Keep doing your thing pretty lady, talented and gorgeous = a double threat!