Wow! Guess Who Mary J. Sang About in A “Whole Damn Year” To Repair My Body?

Posted On : September 22, 2014

Mary J’s song feels like pain, heartache, and love. Mary J. Blige’s “Whole Damn Year” reminds me of the emotional connection in music from the Old School Soul era. But it was an interview that Mary J. Blige spoke about getting over someone.

If you didn’t know, it’s alleged that Mary J. is singing about KC Hailey (of Jodeci) in the song. In an interview many years ago, she stated that they were together for 5 years, and it took a year to get over him. Mary J. pulled from her gut to make you feel the pain of a brutal personal rebuild after a bad relationship where she sings;
[pull_quote_center]”I thought we were heading for Heaven, But you’re about to take me back to Hell.”[/pull_quote_center]

This is classic Mary J. and as much as we like to see her happy, we feel her pain. What do you think of this new music from Mary J. Blige? Take a listen:

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