Wow..Here’s Why Katherine Jackson’s Elder Abuse Case Just Got Kicked To The Curb

Posted On : April 26, 2017

It’s been a rough few months for the matriarch of the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson. At 87 years young she’s been secretly suffering in silence according to her court docs- due to what she says her nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson, has been abusing her. She’s also been bearing the weight of watching her baby girl, Janet, deal with the public scrutiny of separating from her billionaire hubby just three months after giving birth to their baby boy, Eissa.┬áIt is the aforementioned drama that is Mama Katherine’s most recent headache.

SANTA MARIA, CA - APRIL 19: Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, waits outside the courtroom after she and Michael were late returning from a break in his child molestation trial at the Santa Barbara County courthouse April 19, 2005 in Santa Maria, California. Jackson is charged in a 10-count indictment with molesting a boy, plying him with liquor and conspiring to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion. (Photo by Brendan Phil Klein-Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brendan Phil Klein-Pool/Getty Images)

She Needs More Time…Judge Says No

A judge has just tossed out the elder abuse case and restraining order she had pending in an L.A. county court to keep Trent -whom she fired as her driver- away from her and her properties. Why? Well, it’s complicated. You see, it’s not that Mrs. Jackson didn’t want Trent to stay the hell away, but she apparently needed more time to prepare herself and her mind for the full blown out trial it was about to turn into. So she and her attorney asked the judge to press the pause button on the case for now.

In doing so, she filed a request to have the case dismissed ‘without prejudice.’ That basically means that she wants to hold off on proceeding with the trial right now (which was set to begin on Tuesday 4-25-17), but that she’d like to be able to refile the restraining order against Trent for the same abuse claims on a future date. Long story short, the judge was ‘Nah, ain’t nobody got time for that’ (not in so many words of course, but y’all get what I mean) and denied Mama Katherine’s request, by dismissing her case ‘with prejudice,’ meaning she cannot refile against her nephew for the same charges. However, the judge did allow her to file a new restraining order against Trent for any future abusive conduct toward her.

Surely Mama Katherine and her children are probably pissed about this. See the details of what else has just transpired below:

Katherine Jackson and nephew Trent (getty_
Katherine Jackson and nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson (Getty)

Via ETOnline:Katherine’s new lawyers, Nelson J. Handy and Vatche Zetjian, explained that Katherine didn’t understand the extent of the action brought about by the case when she initially filed the temporary restraining order request in February, and said that she was not prepared for a trial, or having to testify in court.

Abuse Claims

This whole thing started after Katherine filed court docs in February (2017), stating that Trent had been abusing her in various ways (allegedly stealing money, wiretapping her Calabasas, Ca. home, keeping her from her kids, denying her medical attention, etc.) for years and that she was now “afraid” to live in her own home because he’d been living with her for years as well.

Nephew’s Lawyer Speaks Out After Trial Dismissal

Trent has denied all of Katherine’s claims and on Tuesday, his lawyer, Ron Rale, seized the opportunity of the judge’s dismissal to once again claim Trent is innocent:

Via ETOnline: Rale…said in court on Tuesday that he and Trent were “happy” Katherine decided to drop the “baseless” case. “He’s got to rebuild his life. At least this thing is behind him. He’s a good guy and he’ll figure it out. He’s a big teddy bear. He’s a good, gentle guy.” […] He genuinely misses his aunt.

Not sure if the Jackson kids have a plan B to protect their Mother, but pretty sure they’ll find a way.

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