“Hillary” & Husband’s Beautiful Daughter Is Following In Her Mom’s Footsteps

Posted On : May 20, 2017

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We all remember Hillary Banks” right? She was the spoiled rich kid on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air who cared more about her toenail polish color than her actually mental capacity. Thankfully actress, Karyn Parsons, is absolutely nothing like her 90’s character, Hillary, a fact that we’re pretty sure her husband, Alexandre Rockwell, and their two kids appreciate as well.

Speaking of their kids, they are doing some impressive things in the entertainment world. But first let us feel you in on their parents…

After Fresh Prince, Karyn pretty much shunned the spotlight and fame. It was like trying spot a needle in a haystack if you’d planned on spotting her on anyone’s red carpet. She began focusing on her family after marrying Rockwell in 2003 and giving birth to daughter, Lana, and son, Nico. She also launched her Sweet Blackberry Foundation, which her website states that their “mission at Sweet Blackberry is to bring little known stories of African American achievement to children everywhere.”

Her full time job is being a mother to her kids though. Her husband, Alexandre Rockwell, is a film director and combined with Karyn’s acting expertise, it’s only natural that their babies are now aspiring to follow in their footsteps.

Meet Their Kids

Lana (pictured above with the wife of the late Boomerang/Annie actor, Geoffrey Holder) is as cute as a button and at almost 14 years old (she turns 14 in June 2017), she’s also a very poised and intelligent young lady. She’s an actress, who- along with her brother, Nico- starred in the 2013 film their dad directed and also co-starred in, titled Little Feet. Lana’s also starred in the films, Pete Small Is Dead in 2010 and most recently in That is Circling All Round the Sun in 2016. She and her dad talked about their film together in the video below…

Nico also was able to hold his own weight next to his big sister, Lana, in Little Feet as well.

Karyn Parsonns with her family: husband, Alexandre Rockwell; their children, Nico and Lana
Karyn Parsons with her family: husband, Alexandre Rockwell; their children, Nico and Lana (via Getty Images)

Karyn Parsons still apparently prefers a more ‘normal’ lifestyle outside of the Hollywood scene that can sometimes be just as superficial and shallow as her character, “Hillary Banks.” However, Karyn has stepped out a few times recently and her fans were happy to see her. In fact, she was spotted a few months ago, reuniting with her Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fam’…

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Lastly, can y’all believe that Karyn Parsons is now 51 years old? Looking good Karyn, keep up the great work ma!’