Wow, Kimora & Russell’s Adult Daughter Graduates & All Her Mom’s Exes Showed Love

Posted On : June 12, 2018

In case y’all needed a real life reminder of just how Old School we all really are, here it is. Kimora Lee Simmons and Def Jam mogul, Russell Simmons,’ daughter, Ming Lee, is now 18 years old. For a more intricate look at what that really means, let’s just reminisce on the music we were blastin’ in 2000, the year she was born. Outkast was saying “sorry” to “Ms. Jackson,” Carl Thomas was ‘wishing he never met her,’ Sisqo was praising “thong, thong, thong, thong, thongs,” and D’Angelo was butt naked in his video asking ladies “How does it feel.” Okay, since we’re probably really feeling old as hell now, on to Ming Lee’s recent graduation…

(Video) The Exes Showed Up

Kimora Lee Simmons, Ming Lee Simmons, Kimora’s ex D’Jimon Hounsou, and Russell Simmons at Ming Lee’s graduation (via Instagram)

On Monday (June 11, 2018), Kimora and Russell took to social media to share their happiness about their eldest daughter, Ming Lee’s, high school graduation. In doing so, it was clear to see that just as always, they were one big happily blended family. Kimora’s ex/actor, Djimon Hounsou (best known for the “Amistad” film) was right there by their sides.

kimoraleesimmons: My big baby @mingleesimmons graduated high school today! 18 years of lovin on this thang! So super proud of you! #WeMadeIt!😘🎉❤️🎓 #classof2018 @aokileesimmons @unclerush @djimon_hounsou #kenzolee #wolfelee #hubbyTL #LB #VC #ThaLouIsInTheHouse!

Kimora is currently married to Tim Leissner, who is also pretty cool with her exes, but he wasn’t seen in the grad’ photos…pretty sure he was there in ‘spirit’ though. Anywho, do y’all see how grown Ms. Ming Lee is now now? Where did the time go?!!

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Kimora Lee Simmons Graduated Too

Speaking of graduations a big congrats is also in order for Kimora! The 43 year old former model graduated from college in May 2018 and posted the below inspirational message with her and D’Jimon Hounsou’s 9 year old son, Kenzo, at her graduation:

Passing the torch!💗 #nevertoolate #collegegraduate #finally #kenzolee #kenzoleehounsou

Where’s Her Hubby?

Kimora’s husband, Tim Leissner, may not have been in Ming Lee’s graduation pics, but don’t get it twisted, Kimora’s tribe is like a real life interracial “Brady Bunch.” She and Russell are clearly firm believers that ‘the family that blends together, stays together,’ and that is also evident in Kimora’s family photo from this year’s Mother’s Day. Tim and the crew were having a ball and so was the 5 year son he shares with Kimora, Wolfe Lee Leissner…

Mother’s Day 2018: (L-R) Ming Lee (18), Kimora, Wolfe Lee Leissner (5), Kenzo Lee Hounsou (9), Tim Leissner, Aoki Simmons (15, Russell & Kimora’s youngest daughter); via Instagram

Ming Lee’s Grown But Russell Still Keeps Her In Line

Although Ming Lee is now technically an adult, as most of us already know, being 18 years old, doesn’t necessarily mean one is now free from the protective shield of their parents. That’s one thing Russel made clear when he had to put his daughter in her place just 2 months shy of her 18th b-day in November 2017. She’d posted one of her bikini model photos on Instagram, as she held what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage. Russel is a liberal parent, but he still has his limits, therefore he checked her with this short simple message:

“That better be almond milk!!!”

LOL..gotta love it! Congrats again to Ming Lee and her mother, Kimora, for accomplishing their educational goals.