You’ll Flip Over Which Sanford & Son Actor “Lamont” Exposed For Supplying Drugs To Cast

Posted On : July 30, 2015

We, here at ILOSM, are big time Sanford & Son fans, so we always like to keep up with the whereabouts of the cast and the legacies they’ve laid. Some of their stories are inspirational, like the time we shared what Redd Foxx had done for his co-star, and sometimes their stories are wild and crazy as hell. This story you are about to hear Demond Wilson a.k.a. “Lamont” reveal about the cast’s drug supplier, who was also his co-star, is the latter and it will trip you out!

While it is now no secret that Demond, who is a reverend, used to get VERY high back in the day, he has revealed that the ENTIRE “Sanford and Son” cast always got high and were actually high during the tapings of the show!

According to Demond, the Sanford & Son drug supplier was “Aunt Esther!” Yep, you’re reading this right, actress LaWanda Page a.k.a. “Aunt Esther” was allegedly their drug pusher, so to speak. Don’t believe us? Watch Demond reveal this himself, in the video clip down below…

We’re not sure of which drug they were using- cocaine, weed, etc.- but the visual on that is hilarious! Who could imagine “Aunt Esther” smoking a joint, while rockin’ her church hat and clutching her Bible?!! LOL.

Another shocker was when When Demond Wilson was asked about the actor who played “Rollo,”┬áhe said “He never liked me.” But the reason why fans never saw that dislike on camera, was because Demond said that “Most of the time, we were high…we were all high…the entire cast. You know who used to bring it? ‘AUNT ESTHER’ (laughs).” Watch Demond Wilson reveal this in video below…