Many Talking About Bobby Womack’s Now Grown Gorgeous Daughter & Here’s Why

Posted On : June 10, 2018

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June 2018 marked four years since the legendary soul singer, Bobby Womack, departed this earth at age 70. Though he left us with classic hits, like “Across 110th Street,” “If You Think You’re Lonely Now,” “Woman’s Gotta Have It” and more, he’s still sorely missed by his fans and family. Speaking of family, Bobby’s daughter, GinaRe Womack, is out here living life to the fullest and turning many heads while at it.

Bobby’s Baby Girl All Grown Up

Many of y’all may recall when Bobby Womack was married to his wife, Regina Womack. They’re union went through a lot if us and downs, but through it all, they were grateful for their children. GinaRe is their only daughter and here she is today in all her thick-a-licious glory.

I know what I bring to the table ……. 💋

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She works as a painting artist and fashion designer and she was also a background singer for her Pops. It’s unclear exactly what her age is, but one things for sure, she wears it well, just like her beautiful mother does these days. Check out the ever-so-ageless Mrs. Regina Womack now…

That moment you realize you look exactly like your #Mother 😳💯👯‍♂️ WOW

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GinaRe was apparently very close to her late pops and oftentimes pays homage to him on social media, much like she did on her birthday last year (2017):

Because it’s my #BirthWright ….. Dad not a second goes by , where I’m not missing you wishing you were still here , but I shall continue to make good on my promise…. your guiding hand is with me everyday until we meet again ❤️ Mom thank you for believing in me every time I look at this photo and see the joy you two shared the day I was born I am reminded of why I am pushing so hard to make you proud … the hustle the chaos the failures the victory’s it can be a lot !! Thank you for your continuous support I will always love you more !! ❤️💕❤️ #foreverliveBobbyWomack #BirthWright

Their Family Tragedy

GinaRe’s mom, Regina, married Bobby Womack in 1976 and after they later split, Regina continued to act as his manager. In 2013, Bobby announced that he and Regina had remarried. So clearly, their bond was incredibly strong. Unfortunately that bond did not come without an unprecedented amount of heartache.

A few years before his passing, Bobby revealed, in an interview with WENN, that he blamed himself for the death of their first born child, Truth Womack (they also have a son named Bobby). Their infant son, Truth, died at four months old in 1978, after falling into a coma at their Woodland Hills, California home::

“I lost a son [Truth] which was my fault and the only reason I can talk about it now is because I know what I’m saying. I’m not hiding behind anything,” [said Bobby Womack]. I came in one night… from a convention and I was telling my lady [Regina Womack], ‘Baby, you’ve gotta get up, I’ve got something to show you!’ And she said, ‘Can we do this tomorrow? You know the baby…’ I said, ‘That little baby can’t move. He can’t even walk. He’s taking five minutes to hold his head up. “So she jumps up and I was telling her all these stories… It was no more than two minutes before she said, ‘OK, go and get my baby.’ I went running in to get the baby. The baby had fallen down between the bed and the wall and he suffocated and that was the biggest hurt ever in my life.”

Bobby Womack admitted that his son, Truth’s death (the second son he lost) caused him to delve deep into depression and drug addiction in the years that followed. By the time of Bobby’s passing in 2014, he had kicked his addiction…and hopefully made peace with his guilt. May the iconic soul singer continue to rest peacefully.

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