WOW! Remember ‘Bye Felicia’ From ‘Friday?’ See Her TOTALLY Different Career NOW

Posted On : December 3, 2016

Who can forget “Felicia” from the film, “Friday?” She was crackhead who told “Smokey” (Chris Tucker) I need to borrow your car real quick.” After “Smokey” told her ‘no,’ “Craig” (Ice Cube) delivered his classic line that has been re-birthed and is now the go-to catchphrase for anybody working on your last damn nerve- “Bye Felicia.” We found “Felicia” today, check this out…


screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-2-17-20-pm Angela Means a.k.a. "Felicia" is now the proud owner of RAWkin' Juice, which offers all-organic juices, smoothies, deserts, and salads that help to keep the body energized and clean. She also has a store location in Burbank, Ca.. If you're not in Cali., don't worry,  because these days, "Felicia" isn't knockin' on folks' front doors trying to hustle up a joint or their car keys, instead Angela's company is delivering RAWkin' Juice straight to your front door... screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-2-10-12-pm Angela is a vegan and dedicates herself to promoting healthy living through her business, which has become very successful ever since it opened in 2014... screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-2-18-13-pm In a recent interview, Angela said it's time to start saying 'Bye Felicia' and 'Hello to life.' Check out her interview clip below...


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