Remember Pam & Kima of Total? See Them Now, Hustlin’ Without 3rd Member

Posted On : November 12, 2015

fb total pam and kima Raise your hands in the air like you just don’t care if you were a fan of the “Can’t You See” singers, Total, back in the day! We used to love us those three round-the-way chicks- Pam, Kima,  and Keisha- who had that cool swag and was blowing up 90’s radio.

One look at these ladies today, and you are gonna forget that approximately 17 years have gone by since you last saw them. We recently did a story on Keisha and her whereabouts nowadays, so this time around we did a lil diggin’ into to what her fellow group members have been doing. Pam and Kima are looking GOOD these days and some things have definitely changed for them since the 90’s- Motherhood, marriage, and Christianity are now major factors in their lives. Tap that ‘next’ button and check these 90’s bangers out…