WOW! See The AMAZING Addition To Be Added To Prince’s Paisley Park Home

Posted On : October 10, 2016

On Thursday, Oct. 13, Prince’s Paisley Park home was opened to the public and adoring thousands of fans came out to pay their respects to the late legendary performer. But, fans were in for a bit of a surprise when they arrived. According to The Current, Prince’s remains were also inside his home.

It has been reported that Prince’s custom urn will be on display inside the home from now on. Many fans reportedly found themselves admiring the eye-catching urn. Of course, it has all the makings of Prince – stylish, unique, innovative and different. The press release revealed Prince sister, Tyka, and his nephew, President Nelson put their ideas together to create the perfect urn for him.

“The artist’s sister and nephew, Tyka and President Nelson, collaborated with Foreverence artists and craftspeople on an original concept that symbolized the Prince’s home, recording studio and sanctuary,” according to the press release.

Prince’s Custom Urn:

Unfortunately, no photos of the urn have surfaced online because tourist photography is prohibited inside the mansion. But, The Current has all the details on the 3D-printed, Paisley Park-shaped urn that now sits in the atrium area of Prince’s home.

“Made of ceramic and glass and measuring 19” x 18” x 14,” the urn features several distinctive elements that reflect the artist’s personality. Tyka Nelson hand-selected seven iridescent crystals – representing the artist’s favorite number – to be part of the urn design and placed the final jewel in the piece herself. The urn opens up to reveal lighting and scale?model details from Paisley Park, including the main atrium, Prince’s famous purple Yamaha piano and white ornamental doves.”

What’s Next For Paisley Park:

Paisley Park has been awarded a temporary license to operate as a museum. However, the future of the museum remains unclear. According to Star Tribune, the city council has voiced concerns about “public safety, traffic, parking and the need to gather more information about the facility’s impact on the community.” The area would have to be rezoned to accommodate the estimated 600,000 annual visitors expected to travel to the potential tourist attraction. Chanhassen officials have until December 20th to decide on the rezoning issue.

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