This Man Made Bobby Brown Break Down Crying During His Interview..And For Good Reason

Posted On : September 29, 2016

bobby b crying

Bobby Brown was deeply touched by a fan during his prior interview with Bishop T.D. Jakes. In recent years, we’ve learned more about Bobby ‘the man,’ as opposed to just Bobby Brown ‘the superstar’ and controversial bad boy figure that the mainstream media has painted him out to be for decades.

Not saying that Bobby was always a saint, hell..he’ll be the first one to tell you he wasn’t, but just saying that there’s another side to the brotha that has now surfaced through his interviews, his recent BET biopic, “Bobby Brown Story,” and his autobiographical book, “Every Little Step” which is what prompted a fan to surprise him through the “T.D. Jakes Show.”

During his 2016 interview, Bobby discussed everything, including the tragic death of his beloved daughter, Bobbi Kristina; his daughter’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon; his past drug use; Whitney Houston and more. As you could imagine, all of those topics brought Bobby through a range of emotions- from sadness, to anger, to a state of gratuity.

And when Jakes asked Bobby how it felt to finally be ‘vindicated’ in the public’s eye, after Whitney’s older brother, Michael, publicly admitted (after Whitney’s death), that it was him (and not Bobby) who started his beloved sister’s drug problem…this was Bobby’s response:

Whitney Houston's brother, Michael Houston with he and Whitney's mother, Cici Houston on "Oprah's Next Chapter"
Whitney Houston’s brother, Michael Houston with he and Whitney’s mother, Cici Houston on “Oprah’s Next Chapter”

“I think that when you have the disease that we have, which is being addicts, it’s a disease…and it doesn’t matter who started it, or where it came from, it’s [about] controlling it and getting it out your life. So I didn’t really take it like I’ve been ‘vindicated. You know, I’ve used also and I’ve made my mistakes and paid the price for it in so many ways…and i’m just grateful and thankful to not even have a thought of it [drugs] anymore.”


bobby b and fanThen Bobby was caught of guard when T.D. Jakes surprised him with a pre-recorded video message from a fan, who admitted to having turned on Bobby and blaming him for Whitney’s drug use, until after he read Bobby’s memoir (scroll down for video):

“First off, let me say I apologize profusely for every word I ever said about you and every evil thought I’ve pondered, believing whole-heartedly that you were Whitney’s problem,” the fan confessed.

Brown’s fan continued:

“The media had given me a very ugly image of Mr. Brown and I believed all of those things because it was on TV so obviously it must have been true…”

Then the fan acknowledged that he started doubting his own negative views toward Bobby B. after seeing Michael Houston make his admission about the drugs he’d introduced Whitney to during his TV interview Oprah Winfrey…

“Then Mr. Brown came out with a book and then I knew that all of the things I was thinking about him was unfair,” Brown’s fan continued.

After watching the video message, Bobby was beyond touched that a stranger would take the time to do express that about him. But after T.D. Jakes surprised him by having the fan in the audience, that’s when Bobby became speechless and was reduced to tears. Bobby B. hugged and greeted the fan and thanked him for his kind words and afterwards, the only words Bobby could conjure up were “You got me on that one….you got me…”

Asked by Jakes what it means to see his fan say that about him, Bobby’s words were:

“That’s a recharge, it gives me the strength to wanna be better and better.”

Check out the emotional moment below…

And who says Black men can’t uplift one another? Hmph! It’s just like my Grandmother used to say down south: “Scratch a liar, find a thief.” In other words, if you find someone who tells you that lie- that Black men can’t hold each other up- you’ve probably also found the person who will steal your joy. I’m glad no one stole the joy from Bobby and his fan in that touching moment we just witnessed. Right about now, Bobby Brown can use all of the small moments of joy he can get, after all the pain he’s endured…a pain that NO parent should ever have to experience.