Wow, Steve Harvey Details How “UGLY” His Years Being Homeless REALLY Got

Posted On : May 25, 2016

Steve Harvey recently did a very touching and candid¬†interview with with People Magazine. He detailed many things about his struggle during the¬†days when he was homeless years, that a lot of his fans never knew. After reading what he said, it’s clear to see that Harvey has been on one incredible journey and we salute him for sharing some of his lowest moments with the public. His story is truly inspiring.


STEVE HARVEY ON HOW HE ALMOST GAVE UP Here's what Steve Harvey told People Magazine about the three years he was homeless:

"That was an ugly period, just very painful. Everybody has a moment when they turn back, when you say to yourself, 'This is too much.' I had it on several occasions."
For three years straight, Steve had to live in his car, steal gasoline to get to his next comedy gig, and check out what he said was one of the MOST shameful experiences during this time...

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