Wow! That’s Your Daddy?!!

Posted On : September 29, 2014

Nia-RileyNia is a cast member from the reality show, “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” and her Dad is responsible for an entire era of music in the 80’s and 90’s that used to get the parties jumpin’ back in the day. Do you know who he is? Flip the page to see if you got it right.

teddy riley2

Nia Riley is Teddy Riley’s daughter and she said that her Dad is like her best friend. Click through to the next pages to see a clip of Nia on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and to see Teddy and her Mom, with Nia’s daughter.

teddy riley holding grandbaby
A throwback pic of Nia’s Mother and Dad, Teddy, with Nia’s little girl.

Here’s a short clip of Nia Riley on the new season of “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.”