Wow! These Little Cuties Are The Daughters Of A Popular 90’s Actress

Posted On : July 3, 2017
Hero and Brave

Meet Hero and Brave! Their mother was a popular actress in the 90’s who became a household name back in the day and used to have us all crackin’ up with her sometimes ditzy lines. She was known as the earthy chick at that time and if you guessed a character from the classic sitcom, A Different World, you’re on the right track…

Can You Guess Who Their Mother Is?

On the show, she played a character who was known for being a quirky, peace-loving college student who cared about the environment and loved her some “Shazza,” her ‘boyfriend’ (played by actor, Gary Dourden). While A Different World ended in 1993, that didn’t stop this actress from working. Behind the scenes, she launched a career voicing animated cartoon series. In her illustrious voice over career, she’s even gotten to work as the voice of the green M&M in commercials.

Meet Their Actress Mommy!

Brave and Hero pictured with their mother Cree Summer.

Brave and Hero are the daughters of actress, Cree Summer, who played “Winifred ‘Freddie’ Brooks” on the show A Different World. Recently, Cree took to her Instagram page to share photos of her adorable daughters from their trip to New York City. Captioning the photo with the hashtag, “God Bless The Freaks,” the ladies took on the Big Apple as Cree referred to herself as “Mama” and her children as “savages.” Dressed in matching outfits, Hero and Brave  got their pose-on as they stood on both sides of their cool mama, Cree.


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Cree’s Cartoon Gigs

Before starring on A Different World, Cree was already involved in show business. As we previously reported,  she was the voice of Penny on the cartoon show, Inspector Gadget. Believe it or not, Cree is the voice of many cartoon characters such as “Elmyra” from Tiny Toons and “Susie Carmicheal” from Rugrats. In addition, in the early parts of her career, Cree was the voice for cartoon characters on the shows, The Real Ghostbusters, The Care Bears Movie, Strawberry Shortcake, and The Ewok Adventures. While Cree loves acting, she surprisingly loves doing voice acting more, because it allows her to be whatever she wants to be.

Surprise! Cree Can Sing?!!

Not only does Cree love acting, her real passion is singing. Cree, 47, loves to perform and is even really good friends with rock legend, Lenny Kravitz, who was formally married to and has a daughter with her former Different World co-star/best friend, Lisa Bonet.

Cree also spends a lot of time with Lisa’s and Lenny’s daughter/actress, Zoë Kravitz.. In fact, they’re so cool with each other, that in 1999, Cree actually toured with Lenny as his opening act. In 1999, Cree released her own solo album entitled, Street Faerie, which was produced by Lenny Kravitz. Unfortunately, she was dropped by her record label shortly after going on the road.

Meet Cree Summer’s Husband

Cree is now happily married to her husband (the father of Hero and Brave), Angelo Pullen. On Twitter, Pullen describes himself as a ‘filmmaker, photographer, and lover of all things tech & music.’ It appears that the couple lives in Canada because Cree referred to their two children as “Toronto kids.”

What She Does For A Living Now

Currently, Cree continues to do voice overs for cartoons, commercials, and a number of popular video games. According to Black Doctor, Cree shared that she would one day like to do the voice of a fairy. Cree also shared that she’s noticed the progress made in cartoons in terms of diversity, however, she would like to see more ethnicities being created in the cartoon world. It’s always a beautiful thing to see an entertainer from back in the day, still being able to take care of their families by doing what they love.

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