Wow! U Won’t Believe HOW MUCH MONEY MJ’s Kids Get In Allowance!

Posted On : April 29, 2015

mj-kids-allowance-featuredIf you’ve ever wondered what it was like being the child of the biggest entertainer of all time, here’s your chance. We’ve just gotten word that Michael Jackson’s kids get an allowance, but don’t get it twisted, it ain’t the $10 allowance per week you might be thinking of. Nah, not at all, MJ’s kids get a whole lot more pocket change than that…
mjs kids2
According to the NYPost, Paris (17), Blanket (13), and Prince (18) are enjoying a whopping $8 million in allowance per year. Okay so let me break that down real quick: That equates to a total of $153,846.00 a week in allowance and when split three ways, that is $51,282 per week for each child! Geesh!

Back in the day most of us were happy when we got 5 or 10 bucks placed in our hands every other week…I know I used to think I was RICH! Do you realize how many Now & Laters and Big Bol bubble gum you could buy with 10 big ones? LOL…nobody couldn’t tell me NOTHING when I got my allowance back then…LOL. And don’t even talk about when your Grandmother slipped you some money when you visited her house like this…
grandma handshake
and then she told you to hurry up and “put it away” so nobody sees…and that’s when I really felt like I was rolling in the dough (unless my Grandmother decided to give me the money that makes noise, instead of the kind that folds…LOL).

BUT Michael Jackson’s kids’ allowance is on a whole ‘nother level! All of MJ’s hard work and dedication to his craft is paying off well and his children, rightfully so, are reaping the benefits of it.

According to NYPost, that money- up from the $5 million stipend they used to split, thanks to the estate’s growing earnings — is separate from the $1 million-plus (up from $700,000) grandmother Katherine Jackson receives to watch over Prince, Paris and Blanket.

mj and his kids

Among the expenses:

– At school, Paris buys gifts such as footwear and athletic gear for her friends.

Paris Jackson and her close friends
Paris Jackson (far right) and her best friends

– Prince’s $30,000 yearly tuition at a private school and the six-figure yearly payout to house, educate and treat Paris at a therapeutic boarding school in Utah (we hear that she’s just returned home from that school within the last month or so).

prince jackson
Prince Michael Jackson

– Prince, who’s already [proven to be] a ladies man, has allegedly dished out more than $50,000 in custom-made jewelry and other gifts on at least three different girlfriends, a family insider said. That’s $10,000 more than he shelled out on a new Ford pickup truck.

– Three vacations a year to destinations including Hawaii and Vegas annually set the kids back about $350,000 — after payments for bodyguards, relatives tagging along, chauffeurs, first-class airfare and plenty of luxuries.

– In Hawaii, the family usually surfs the secluded beach and roams the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu. They relax in the $5,500-per-night Signature Suite.

– In Vegas, the kids have often enjoyed the 2,000-square-foot Penthouse Suite at the Bellagio, which runs from $4,000 to $5,000 nightly, not including the cost of the concierge they regularly use and access to the fitness center and the room-service tabs that have run as high as the cost of the room itself.

blanket jackson
Blanket leaving his karate class.

– Blanket regularly dips into his allowance, paying $200 an hour for karate lessons and more for a personal trainer and while he enjoys the personal chef at the Jackson family’s $26,500-a-month rented mansion in Calabasas, Calif., he regularly dials his cousins and treats them to dinner at trendy restaurants before taking in a movie. The tab: usually about $500 plus tips.

When the kids turn 33, MJ’s will grants the kids equal shares of half of the estate, which has already ballooned to $2 billion.

When each child turns 40, they inherit the rest.

“These things that they’re doing they are mostly paying for themselves, with their own money. Look, they also get $15,000 to $20,000 every month just in walking-around money. No one else has that kind of dough around here,” one source said.

Still, family members believe the children are a lot more frugal than their father was with his.

All I can say about this is that these children are set for life and from the looks of it, Mama Katherine is doing a great job of raising them with a leveled head on their shoulders. Can’t wait to see what careers they flourish in as they continue to mature.