Wow..Video Shows Mike Tyson Throwing Water On Don King During Hall Of Fame Induction

Posted On : June 12, 2018

By now, we all know Mike Tyson and Don King go way back but just because they have history doesn’t mean they see eye to eye. As a matter of fact, Iron Mike has made his sentiments of his former promoter quite clear: he obviously can’t stand him. There’s even a video circulating on social media that shows Mike throwin’ water in Don King’s face. Needless to say, it’s goin’ viral because it actually gives fans a glimpse of the hot-tempered Iron Mike from back in the day. What should have been a memorable day to commemorate Mike’s boxing career ultimately led to a disheartening reminder of a few of the things that led to Mike’s downfall. So, what happened? When TMZ caught up with Mike, he quickly recalled the incident.

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A Haunting Past:

Being inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame probably would have been a more gratifying experience for Mike if Don King hadn’t shown up. But unfortunately, he did and it was just a bit too much for Mike to handle. Don King’s presence, alone, set Mike off. While speaking with TMZ, he admitted he doused Don with water. But unlike the old Mike, he admitted it’s something he regretted immediately after he did it. “That was me being immature, I shouldn’t have done that,” Tyson said.

Check out the video:

Unfortunately, Mike let his anger get the best of him. But based on the circumstances, his anger may actually be justifiable. Of course, many fans are wonderin’ what set Mike off other than Don King’s presence. It’s no secret, the two former business partners fell out many years ago, but why? Well, now the truth is comin’ out and it kinda makes sense.

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The Fallout:

For years, many fans have probably wondered how Mike and Don King fell out. Well, if you don’t know, you can probably guess the reason – money. According to Mirror, although Don King was by Mike’s side during his reign, the situation quickly went left when money became an issue. For those who don’t know, Mike even sued Don King for a whoppin’ $100 million in damages, but you can probably guess how that turned out. Don King can’t pay what he doesn’t have…supposedly. So, for Mike, there’s still animosity against Don and it doesn’t look like their problems are gonna just go away.

Check out the video below where Mike explains the situation:

For Mike, seein’ Don King again was only a harsh reminder of their fallout and the money he’d allegedly been swindled out of years ago. Although Don King appeared to try putting up a united front, Mike wasn’t havin’ it and that’s how Don King ended up with a wet face. Mike said, “But, you know, he touched me, he tapped me on my shoulder… it’s just, I don’t know.” He continued, “He talked in there like he was my friend and that was just bullcrap. He really did me in.”

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For anybody, $100 million ain’t chump change so Mike’s anger obviously comes from a place of frustration. Over the years, Mike has had his share of financial problems. In 2003, the famed boxer filed bankruptcy revealing he had earned more than $300 million during his boxing career but ultimately found himself facing $23 million worth of debt. So does Don King really owe Mike $100 million? That may be so but you know what Don would say. Unfortunately, Mike may never see that money again.