Wyclef Admits Why He Chose His Wife Over Lauryn Hill During Relationship With Both

Posted On : July 2, 2017
The Fugees

Everyone knows Lauryn Hill has a beautiful, unique voice that is still unmatched after more than 20 years in the game. Even today, her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill remains a classic to many fans. But not only has Lauryn impacted fans with her amazing voice, she also touched the hearts of musicians and other celebrities she’s met along the way. Wyclef Jean is one musician, in particular. In fact, the “Gone Til’ November” singer recently revealed what it was like to meet Lauryn Hill for the very first time.

Meeting Lauryn:

On an episode of Unsung, he sharing details about his rise to stardom, his music career, and his transition to politics. So, of course, most fans know you can’t think of Wyclef and not think of The Fugees. Wyclef explained how he and Pras crossed paths with Lauryn, which ultimately led to the birth of The Fugees. He admitted that he was completely taken with Lauryn’s talent.

“Pras called me one afternoon and said he needed me to come down to this studio to lay down some vocals. ‘I’m here with those two girls I told you about in this group we callin’ Tyme. We doin’ a track,’ Wyclef said. ‘I need you to come sing some of that reggae stuff you’re so good at.’ […] The two girls were named Marcy and Lauryn, and the minute I saw Lauryn Hill, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was in the vocal booth, and when she came through the door to say hello I experienced that feeling when everything stops for a second. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.”

Wyclef On He Chose To Marry Wife Instead Of Lauryn:

In addition to her musical talent, Wyclef was also attracted to Lauryn and as most of us know by now, the attraction eventually led to more than just hit records. Wyclef cheated on his wife, Claudette Jean, with Lauryn Hill and their whirlwind romance was the beginning of the end for The Fugees. For years, Wyclef has been blamed for the group’s downfall. A few years ago, Wyclef released a book titled, Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story, where he opened up about the affair. He already knew how fans would react but also revealed it was all much more complicated than he could put into words:

Wyclef and his wife, Claudenette Jean

“It’s going to be easy for people to read this and say, ‘Why did he do that to Lauryn?’ ‘How could he not go with her? He broke up the Fugees!’ I wish it were easy to explain away, but it’s not. Claudette was with me when I had nothing, and she stood by me and helped me to be the man that I have become—the man I wouldn’t have been without her […] It’s easy to listen to the music and hear the romance and love in there and think of what could have been. But the music is the best expression of my relationship with Lauryn. The rest of it wasn’t smooth at all. We were either deeply in love or fighting; there was no middle ground. It was a passionate roller coaster ride, every single day […] The real Lauryn is much more complicated than what comes through in her art. Same goes for me.”