WOW,Pastor Jamal Bryant Goes Public w/FAMOUS R&BSinger GIRLFRIEND,See Who

Posted On : July 29, 2016

Well known TV pastor, Dr. Jamal Bryant, is widely known as being an activist and a cool pastor, who’s a tad bit more liberated than many of his fellow preacher-men. He’s also known because of the Christianity controversy he’s had in the past surrounding his widely publicized infidelity during marriage (which he owned up to) to now ex-wife/”Real Housewives of Potomac” reality star, Gizelle. Those days are behind him though, and today, brotha Bryant went public with his new woman, an ever-so-sexy 90s/2000s era singer whom we all know (if you know 90s R&B) and needless to say, they BOTH shocked the world with their new relationship…


tweet and dr bryant [WATCH THEIR VIDEO CLIP BELOW] Well looka here! Tweet done got herself a preacher man!  You probably  remember Tweet's early 2000's hits, "Oops (Oh My)," "Call Me," and others. Tweet and her man, Dr. Jamal Bryant,  went public earlier today on "The Preachers" show and when Tweet stepped out, the audience was trippin,' as were we. Bryant drew a plus with the ladies in the crowd, when he referred to Tweet not just as his lady, but as his "LAST lady."

When Bryant asked Tweet what the hardest part about dating him is and this was Tweet's response:

"I guess the hardest think [about dating Pastor Jamal Bryant] would be the women sending messages saying that 'God said' that they were your girlfriend, LOL. And then dealing with church people that say that because I'm an R&B singer, that I'm not 'Godly enough' to be with him...but I have a relationship with God and I'm good," says Tweet.
That's right Tweet, represent for your spirituality and your man!
They may seem like an odd couple on the outside, but for some reason I think they're not really that odd at all...Pastor Bryant seems a lil' more liberal than his church congregation may think...LOL. Do your thing Dr. Bryant, I ain't mad at ya' at ALL!

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