Xscape Says Although They’re Reunited, It Ain’t All Good…Here’s Why

Posted On : September 24, 2017

When Xscape recently reunited after 18 years of beefin,’ fans of 90’s R&B music rejoiced. Members, Kandi Burruss, LaTocha Scott, Tamika Scott, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, have been packing clubs and arenas with various performances ever since. They ladies have also just revealed that although they’re back together again, everything between them is not as it may seem on the outside.

Xscape: (L-R) LaTocha Scott, Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Tamika Scott of ‘Xxsape’ (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Sure, they’re reunited like Peaches and Herb’s song, but their personalities are still clashing. This point was made during their interviews with both Essence and on The Wendy Williams Show.

Xscape Explain Their Current Issues

During their Essence interview (in the video below), the ladies were promoting their upcoming tour and reality TV show. When asked if their chemistry came naturally when they re-emerged back into the group, Kandi let out a sarcastic laugh, which then caused the other ladies to join in. Tamika then broke down why there’s tension:

Tamika: “Well I would say the music chemistry came like that (snaps her fingers), but we’re still working on the OTHER chemistry.”

On the Wendy Williams Show LaTocha further explained what some of tension between them is caused by:

“Everything is not always gravy, everything’s not always beautiful. Kandi and I sometimes have conflicts with music selections and what we wanna do…so you guys are gonna get all of that,” Latocha said when speaking about Xscape’s upcoming reality TV show.

Are They Leaving Something Out?

It seems that there is a lot more behind their tension, other than just music. As we previously reported, Kandi and Tamika had major beef for years, after Tamika publicly accused Kandi for breaking up the group by having sex with their then label exec, Jermaine Dupri. Kandi also refused to speak to Tamika for years after Tamia admittedly lied on her during an interview, claiming that Kandi was also having sex with Dupri’s father. On their TV One Unsung episode, Kandi discussed all of this.


Then there was also the fist fight Kandi revealed that she’d had with LaTocha years ago, when they were still together as a group. It was reportedly due to boiling tension that began to take place with after LaTocha started to be pushed to the forefront of the group, without the other members’ consent.

Through it all, the great thing is that the beautiful women of Xscape are back like they never left. And even if their collective smiles are a front for the cameras…they are clearly able to function and give the fans what they real want- REAL music again.