Years Later “227’s” Star Shows Off His 6 Kids, Wife & His Totally Different Career

Posted On : August 29, 2018

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Remember ‘Calvin’ from “227?” He was ‘Pearl’s’ (Helen Martin) grandson, whom ‘Brenda’ (Regina King) had a crush on, but would finally date him later in the series’ run. Actor, Curtis Baldwin played that role well and at that time, it seemed like he was well on his way to furthering his acting career. However, once “227” went off air in 1990, so did Curtis and many wondered where the brotha had seemingly disappeared.

His disappearance wasn’t sudden though, because he did have several roles in the 90’s. After leaving “227,” Baldwin went on to star in another successful sitcom– in 1989 he’d already landed a role in “Family Matters,” but in 1996 he starred in “Moesha,” as well. Now, he’s onto something different- being a devoted dad to his kids, wife and his new career. Check out how he’s entertaining folks these days, as well as his beautiful family below…

What Curtis Baldwin Is Doing Now

Curtis Baldwin now (via Instagram)

This is Curtis Baldwin now. He’s 51 years old and has chosen a totally new career path! These days he’s a music producer who goes by the name RahRizo.

If you didn't know now you know

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He’s also a standup comedian. Who woulda thunk it, right?!!

Meet His Wife & Kids

Curtis oftentimes shares proud daddy moments online of himself and his fam.

Wife and two youngest kids

Below is a recent photo of his wife, with their adorable baby girl and cool 8 year-old-son.

Happy Mother's Day

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In addition to his two youngest kids, the “227” star also has four older children.


His son, Kid3rd, is a rapper and Curtis couldn’t be more proud of what he’s accomplishing in his career.

That's daddy's big man I'm so proud of him his music is so great

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Kid3rd performs regularly and his Pops is there right by his side at the shows. Actor, Duane Martin was also featured in a new music video with him.

In a prior post for Curtis’ 51st birthday (in November 2017), Papi3rd acknowledged that the two of them went through some turbulent times, but he also thanked his dad for always being there no matter what:

Kid3rd: “Today’s Special It’s my Dads birthday. If you know my pops please wish him a happy bday 🙏🏾 I know we’ve been through a lot but he has always been there to have my back and support my dreams. Preparing me not only for life and to be a man but to one day be a great father like he’s shown me to be 💯 I love you Poppa ❤️#happy #birthday #dad #rahrizo #kid3rd 🎂🏆👑”


His other son, Devinci (pictured below, center), hosts a podcast called “The Devinci Code.”

Me and my son

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JJ and Jadey

Curtis’ other son’s name is JJ and his daughter’s name is Jadey. Not much is known about them, but one thing is certain, their daddy loves them and appreciates spending daddy time with his babies.

JJ and Popps taking Jadey out to Roscoes for her birthday

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By the way, Curtis Baldwin will also be featured in an upcoming episode of “Unsung,” so he wants y’all to be on the lookout for that…

And there ya’ have ILOSM fam, “Calvin” from “227” has evolved into a true family man and loyal husband, who’s also still out here pursuing his passion while at it. We’re not mad at that one bit…do your thing Curtis!