Yes Indeed! When Commercials Had A Whole Lotta Soul! Check This Out!

Posted On : November 12, 2014

Now if this ain’t soul, then we don’t know what is! The Lockers had the 70’s on fire and the mainstream world was basically forced to take notice. Remember how they used to burn up the Soul Train dance floor?!! All of the hype surrounding The lockers enticed major corporations to call them up and capitalize on their street credibility. One of those companies was Schlitz Malt Liquor and this commercial is a CLASSIC! Watch the vid’ to see if you remember this one…

Now here’s the obvious: It’s clear to see that Schlitz was trying to appeal to an urban market and that’s all fine and dandy, but our question to you, ILOSM family, is: Do you think corporate brands should have a social responsibility to the urban market that they’re trying to sell to? Should they even the playing field by giving back to the urban communities? Or by incorporating people of that culture within the corporation’s infrastructure?

Take a look at Billy Dee’s Colt 45 ad from the 1980s on the next page, as an example of another corporation appealing to the urban market. Again, is this simply marketing products to a set group of people, or capitalizing of a set group of people without properly spreading the wealth and opportunities?