Yes Lawd! CeCe Winans’ Actress Niece Is Equally Beautiful As She Is Talented

Posted On : May 31, 2017

If you thought CeCe, Bebe, and the infamous Winans gospel group were the only talented ones in their family, think again. There’s a whole new generation of Winans making their mark in the entertainment world and one of them happens to be the 33 year old niece of Bebe and Cece, Deborah Joy Winans.

Cece and bebe Winans

She’s the daughter of the legendary, Carvin Winans, a member of The Winans gospel group…

The Winans gospel group; Carvin Winans pictured second from left

Okay family, first things first- I’ve gotta admit that Deborah is a banger! Hopefully her gospel fam’ won’t get pissed with me for stating the obvious, but I couldn’t help it. As a man who had a crush on her Auntie Cece back in the day, seeing Deborah is like looking at Cece part two all over again…they damn near look like twins! But I digress, moving on…


Deborah Winans Stars On Oprah’s Own Network Series

Deborah Winans chose a somewhat different path from her family, by venturing into acting. Currently she’s a cast member on Oprah’s Own Network drama series, Greenleaf, where she plays ‘Charity Greenleaf- Saterlee,’ the wife of ‘Kevin Satterlee’ (played by Tye White)- a brotha who’s in the church, but confessed to her that he’s fighting with his sexuality. It’s a controversial show, because the backdrop is always set within the relationships of people within a church, but there are several risque’ factors that pepper their lives behind closed doors.

Greenleaf is in it’s second season and Deborah’s been a part of the cast since the beginning. The series also stars acting heavyweights like Lynn Whitfield, Keith David, and Oprah Winfrey, as well as retired NBA legend, Rick Fox.

After the series previously received criticism from the church community for ‘mocking the Black church,’ Deborah Winans urged everyone to watch it with an open heart first prior to pre-judging it. She also said this about her character’s situation with the husband’s bisexual attraction:

Via ChristianPost: “I think that if “Charity” was my friend, I would tell her to consider everything. I would tell her to really get on her knees and pray about it. […] “When you’re married and you have that covenant then you bring kids into the world, you have to consider all of that before you make such a big decision.”

As you can see, Deborah didn’t venture too far from the Winans family tree- her acting work still revolves around the topic of her family’s christian roots. By the way, she can sing just like her auntie and daddy and displays that gift in the show as well.

Also, when she’s isn’t acting, she’s a devoted wife to her husband, Terrence Williams…

More opening night fun!!!!! My husband and my dad!!!! #sograteful

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We’re looking forward to hearing more from Deborah Joy-Winans. Be sure to catch Greenleaf on the Own Network every Wednesday at 10p/9c.