You Don’t Know This Guy But MJ Did, See Why MJ Was Deeply Grateful For Him

Posted On : June 2, 2018

Sometimes in life, we encounter people who leave an amazing impact that lasts forever. Although Michael Jackson was amazing to millions of fans, there were actually many people who were just as amazing to him. That’s where this guy comes in…


Kenny Quiller (L) and Teddy Riley (R); via Pinterest

Kenny Quiller is one person, in particular, you may not know but he’s had a significant impact on the Michael Jackson and other celebs. First let us break down who Kenny is – a Charlotte, NC native – he was Teddy Riley’s personal assistant back in the day. He’s also a credited songwriter for Michael Jackson. Working with both talented legends gave Quiller the privilege of meeting many other celebrities. Over the years, Quiller has crossed paths with Janet Jackson, Hi-Five, Aaliyah, and Boyz II Men, Ralph Tresvant and more…

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Even at the ripe age of 17, Quiller was well on his way to a path of success meeting influential people with bright futures…and that’s where his life was ‘forever changed’ with Michael Jackson, see how below…



A twist of fate led Quiller to Michael Jackson. He revealed that his friend left a CD at his home with a song on it titled, “Heaven Can Wait.” When he heard the song, he immediately thought it would be perfect for Michael. So he let Teddy Riley hear the song and he also agreed. Teddy presented the song to Michael and he loved it. Although Quiller didn’t exactly write the song, Michael was incredibly gracious enough to do something for Quiller that he NEVER expected- MJ gave him songwriting credit for the creativity aspect. Even now, Quiller probably still receives royalty payments for the song, which was added to MJ’s 2001 Invincible album and has sold approximately 10 million copies to date and counting.

So what was it really like to meet MJ? Quiller revealed he and Teddy met up with Michael several times in 2000-2001 in New York, Virginia Beach, and Miami. Although Michael was larger than life to fans, Quiller admits he was just human like everyone else, but with amazing talents. He’s also explained how meeting MJ changed his life.

“He was just human,” said Quiller. “For me, it’s a sense of completion,” he said of meeting Michael. “Knowing that I met him, took a picture with him and got my name on his album, its completion. It’s something that most people would only dream about.”


Kenny is a barber by day and his still working behind the scenes with some artists by night. Some of Kenny’s clients include comedian, Sinbad; rapper, Big Daddy Kane; and comedian, Joe Torry.