You Gotta See This! Stevie Wonder Singing With Snoop Dogg In New Video

Posted On : May 24, 2015

Snoop stevie wonder pharrell and snoop

Okay ILOSM family, this is one new song on the mainstream airwaves that we actually like. Snoop Dogg somehow was able to secure the legendary Stevie Wonder on his new single, “California Roll,” which also featured Pharrell Williams, and actress, Nia Long (in the video).

The song and video is a combination of the past, present, and future and it’s very reminiscent of a few great elements: It kind of brings us back to the 1976 vibe of Stevie’s “Songs In The Key Of Life” album, with it’s melodic chords and that classic way Stevie makes the harmonica sing; It has a hint of Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” era, by having a story line like MJ’s videos used to have and an Egyptian flashback; Snoop adds the classic throwback west coast flavor to it; and Pharell gives a combination of new school, mixed with a 70’s inspired style of singing. You’ve gotta check this video out and tell us what you think…

We’re pleasantly surprised to say the least. Not that we’re surprised at the talent that all three of these artists displayed, but surprised that in today’s mainstream musical climate, a major record label actually allowed a great song like this to slip through the cracks, because let’s keep it real, we all can clearly see by now that major record labels intentionally choose to shut out great music and spend the vast majority of their marketing dollars on artists with very little, to zero talent (at least when it comes to urban music).

stevie and snoop screen
So it seems like a collaboration like this, with a legend like Stevie, was probably way too enticing for even the most stubborn, ill-willed major music exec’ to ignore and for that, I give them a hand-clap, with a side eye because I still don’t trust their ulterior motives with all of the other toxic messages their pumping to our children on the daily…but I digress.

Now as far as Snoop, it is a beautiful thing to see him paying homage to the Old School and opening these youngins’ minds up to show them how it should be done. This makes me miss hearing REAL music on the radio. Now I’m about to go blast my “Songs In The Key Of Life” album to levels so disrespectfully loud, that they can be heard from the mountaintops!

Speaking of “Songs In The Key Of Life,” reminisce with us family, with this powerful Stevie Wonder and Take 6 performance on the next page…

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