You’ll Flip When You See The Famous Actor This “Mo Better Blues” Actress Married

Posted On : June 7, 2018

There are some revelations we get every now then, that truly surprise us like you wouldn’t believe. Today, actress, Cynda Williams, and the superstar she was once married to, has managed to do just that. First up, how many of y’all remember Cynda a.k.a. “Clarke” from the classic film, “Mo Better Blues?” She played the side chick whom “Bleek” (Denzel Washington) was cheating on his girlfriend, “Indigo” (Joie Lee) with. In fact, she stole everybody’s hearts when she rocked that red dress and sang “Harlem Blues” in the Spike Lee joint.

Well, that was in 1990, which is also the same year she wed her unexpected husband. Check him out below..

“Clarke” Married HIM?!!

Yep, you’re seeing this right. Cynda Willliams’ ex-husband is the one and only actor, Billy Bob Thornton! Yes, the same dude who did the steamy sex scene with Halle Berry in “Monster’s Ball” and yes, Angelina Jolie’s ex-hubby.

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This hella unlikely ex Mr. and Mrs. were married from 1990 to 1992. Cynda also starred in Billy Bob’s 1992 directorial debut film, “One False Move.”

They’re marriage didn’t last long and apparently, it didn’t take each one of them long to move on. Both Cynda and Billy Bob married other people in 1993, the very next year following their divorce. Billy Bob married his 4th wife (Cynda was his 3rd), Playboy model Pietra Dawn Cherniak, whom he divorced in 1997. While Cynda Williams married her 2nd husband/actor, Arthur Louis Fuller, whom she divorced years ago.

She later married Roderick Plummer, whom is also the father of her daughter shares a daughter. In a prior interview with Austin Weekly, Cynda revealed this about her then husband:

“Roderick Plummer is a former football player. He is a entertainment lawyer and has been in the business for a very long time. We met because he was the producer of a film I did (Hidden Blessings).”

What Cynda Does Now

Cynda Williams now (via Instagram)

Although it’s been a minute since Cynda has stepped onto the big screen, let’s not get it twisted, the former “Mo Better Blues” star is still gettin’ her sing on. She’s a jazz artist and performs at various gigs across the country. In fact, she’ll be performing at the D.C. Jazz Fest from June 8 – 17, 2018.

We Love Her Realness About Her Hard Times

Cynda Williams, boldly shared financial struggles she was enduring a few years ago and her realness was refreshing:

Cynda Williams- “My life in many ways seems to be on stand-by…I thought I was doing several projects this summer which all fell through. ALL of them. The crazy thing is, none of the people who’d offered me writing, music gigs or acting jobs ever called me back after making the verbal offers. […] I have been blessed with work, but rich? EeehEh. I scrimp and scrape just like the rest of the 99%. Maybe more like the unemployed working class as they like to call us.

I could pout about it and lay in a limitless fetal position thinking about how unfair God or the universe is. I could pity my situation and myself. I do cry and scream a bit. I have to or I would explode…But I can’t sob forever. What a waste of energy it becomes. I will usually vent to my mother (poor woman) and one friend, then drop it. They say if you focus on lack you maintain lack.”

The beauty of it all, is that even in the midst of her struggles, Cynda kept her head up in order to see past her plight and gravitate toward the light. It’s wonderful to see her in a better place now.