Young Ex-Fiance’ Of Lebron James’ Mom Threatens To Expose Beyonce & Lebron In Tell-All

Posted On : June 11, 2018

ILOSM family what you’re about to witness are examples of two age-old sayings: (1) The more money you make, the more problems you have; and (2) Celebs must always be careful of who they let into their inner circle. As if losing the 2018 NBA championship by being blown out by the Golden State Warriors wasn’t already enough, Lebron James and his mother, Gloria James, have another issue to deal with. That issue comes by way of Master P’s No Limit rap artist, Lambo….who also happens to be Gloria’s ex-fiance.’

No Limit rapper, Lambo, and son of his ex-fiance’, Lebron James (via Instagram)

A Fiance Scorned?

A while back we introduced y’all to the young rapper that Lebron’s mom was engaged to. However, now Lambo is out here acting like a fiance’ scorned, because he’s currently threatening to tell so-called secrets about Lebron James’ love life and what he says Beyonce’ has to do with it. For the past few days, dude has been up and down Instagram, promoting his upcoming book and he even tagged Lebron, Beyonce, and others in his posts to get their attention. Lambo has also been droppin’ hints about Lebron, that are making him look like a very bitter ex, who just watched his rich fiance’ walk out the front door for good.

2016: Lambo with his then fiance’, Gloria James, Lebron James’ mother (via Instagram)

Although Lebron, is a close friend of Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, according to Lambo, Bey’ was not invited to the wedding of Lebron and his wife, Savannah, and vice versa. He’s accusing Lebron of having had some kinda fling with someone close to Jay Z or Bey’…while he was dating Savannah. Lambo is hinting that the so-called side chick could be a “cuzin,” apparently as in, ‘cousin,’ of Lebron.

iamlamboworld: #godspeed MY BOOK WILL BE GIVING THE WORLD THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY @beyonce WASN’T INVITED TO @kingjames WEDDING, AND ALSO WHY #savannajames Wasn’t invited to @beyonce wedding, THE MISTRESS WILL BE EXPOSED IN MY BOOK, MAYBE ITS A CUZING OF #jayz or @beyonce, U HAVE TO READ MY BOOK TO KNOW

The only person I could possibly imagine Lambo is referring to, has to do with the age-old rumor about Beyonce’s cousin/assistant, Angie Beyince. A while back, one photo surfaced of Beyonce, her cousin Angie, and Lebron chillin’ in a pool somewhere and fans ran with that photo, claiming that Angie and Lebron looked too comfy cozy together in it. IF that is who Lambo is referring to, then I may have possibly just given away one of the spoiler alerts for his tell-all book…my bad. Anywho, there’s more…

Lambo has also added another allegation to his list of ‘bash Lebron’ tactics, just in case that first one about Beyonce’ doesn’t stick. He posted a photo of news journalist, Sharon Reed, whom he claims has a secret love child with Lebron. Check it out below:

Backstory on Ex-Fiance’ of Lebron’s Mother

In case you missed our previous report in 2016, Gloria James (49) was engaged to Lambo, who is a little less than three years older than her son.  Lambo will be 36 this year. He and Lebron seemed to have a cool relationship at that time and were oftentimes seen hangin’ out together. Some people expressed skepticism about Lambo’s love for Gloria James, accusing him of mooching off of her lifestyle- by way of LeBron’s bread- but many sources, say that Lambo’s love for Gloria and her son was 100% authentic. I guess now, it’s pretty clear to see just how ‘authentic’ his love for them truly was. If Lambo’s book ever sees the light of day, we’ll keep y’all posted.