Young & The Restless Star Angry At Son’s Suicide, Blames Hospital

Posted On : May 26, 2015

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If you were not aware, Kristoff St. John’s Son committed suicide in November of 2014, and here are the details of what happened during this difficult¬†ideal.

Young and the Restless star, Kristoff St. John, made headlines recently after speaking out about his 24 year old son, Julian St. John’s, suicide on Entertainment Tonight. Sadly, his son committed suicide in November of 2014 while he was in a psychiatric hospital receiving treatment for his schizophrenia.

Kristoff told Entertainment Tonight this about the day he got the call about his son’s death: ‘the worst call I had ever gotten in my life’ and ‘every parent’s nightmare.’ He broke down crying tears of extreme pain, which then turned into straight up anger (understandably so) at the alleged negligence he said the hospital showed toward his son. Kristoff is in the process of suing the hospital and from the sounds of it, he should be!

Via TMZ Kristoff St. John is suing the hospital where his son committed suicide — blasting the mental facility for giving him access to the plastic bag he used to kill himself.

kristoff and sonThe “Young and the Restless” star’s 24-year-old son Julian St. John killed himself in November while getting treatment at La Casa Mental Health Hospital in Long Beach. He was found dead in a bathroom with a plastic bag over his head. The reason for Kristoff’s wrongful death lawsuit — he says his son did the same¬†thing less than 3 weeks before his death … attempting to asphyxiate himself with a trash bag from his room. In the wrongful death suit, Kristoff says after that failed attempt … the hospital never removed the trash bags from his room.

julian and wifeIn his lawsuit, Kristoff says there’s evidence the nurses were falsifying records. He says staffers were supposed to check on Julian every 15 minutes because he was a high suicide risk — but records show they were logging welfare checks before they even happened.For instance, Julian was pronounced dead at 1:44 PM, but nurses had already logged 6 welfare checks between 2 PM and 3:15 PM. Kristoff feels the facility was negligent in its supervision of his son — and if the staff had “acted with even the slighted regard for Julian’s safety, he would still be alive today.”

julian and son

If what Kristoff St. John is saying is accurate, that hospital deserves to close up shop in my humble opinion. It is unacceptable that their staff would not follow proper protocol when they know good and well they’re dealing with a hospital filled with occupants whose psychological states are very delicate. Alleged falsified records and not checking on a suicide watch patient accordingly?!! Something sounds real fishy about this story and I hope Kristoff St. John and his ex-wife, Mia (the mother of Julian St. Jon) can get all of the facts and justice for their son real soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kristoff, his ex-wife and his family.

kristoff and grown son