Damn, Jagged Edge Singer BACK IN JAIL, See What Happened This Time…

Posted On : February 2, 2017

We hate having to report news like this, regarding yet another young brotha getting locked up, but unfortunately things happen, so here it is. Kyle Norman (40) – of the R&B group, Jagged Edge- has been gifted with a jail jumper AGAIN…
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This go ’round, we won’t even bother trying to calculate what number of arrests this now makes Kyle within the past two years or so.  However, you can go here and here for details on a few of his recent arrests and volatile incidents. Moving on…

According to Bossip, Kyle Norman is definitely jailed, but allegedly is in there because he violated  his probation from his last arrest.

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If you recall, Kyle was arrested in November (2016) for family abuse, after allegedly threatening to stab his older son during a dispute that took place at Kyle’s home. That’s never been publicly confirmed by Kyle and neither has his current arrest, but court records show that he’ll be humming Akon’s “I’m Locked up, they won’t let me out” (figuratively speaking) for at least the next two weeks, or so:


Via Bossip: Late last week, [Kyle Norman’s] probation officer filed docs in his criminal case alleging the singer has ignored the terms of his probation, in the case where he was charged with family violence and battery.

The probation officer explained Norman pled guilty and was convicted to the offense of Disorderly Conduct in April. His sentence included 12 months’ probation, a $24 fine, a $39 a month “supervision fee,” alcohol and drug treatment, 12 Anger Management classes and have no violent contact with the victim. The P.O. says Norman violated numerous terms of his probation, including failing to report, failing to pay fines/fees, owing $394 in arrearages to the court, skipping alcohol and drug evaluation or attend the anger management classes.

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There are currently two months and 29 days remaining on the sentence, and Norman’s probation officer demanded the singer’s probation revoked and he be re-sentenced in the case for his violations.

The judge came back and sided with the probation officer by revoking Norman’s probation. He sentenced the singer to 13 days in jail with credit for 5 days he already served – meaning he will be released next week. However, the judge also ordered he will have to pay the $394 fine and provide proof of attending the 12 Anger Management classes ASAP. Once he is released he will be back on his probation with all terms and conditions the same.

Kyle has publicly admitted that he has alcohol problems and has abused his wife in the past. We sincerely hope he gets it together, if he hasn’t already.

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