Jermaine Jackson Debuts New Hairline!

Posted On : December 14, 2015

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Jermaine Jackson stepped out for his 61st birthday with a new hairline and a winning attitude. Over the years we’ve seen Jermaine’s look transform and we’ve even seen him transform as an entertainer, but it is his hairline and hairstyle that has taken over any Jermaine topics in recent years.

Even when we posted the story a couple weeks ago about how Jermaine had to call the police on his wife, Halima, and have her arrested, Jermaine just could not escape the topic of his now infamous hair. Here is what some of you actually said on our Facebook page and we’ve got nothing but love for Jermaine, but we’ve gotta admit that some of these comments were FUNNY…it’s all in good fun, so we hope he has a sense of humor too:
screen4 As you can see, that story just kind of went left and took on a life of it’s own, much like Jermaine’s hair. Depending on which old school era you came up in:

You either remember Jermaine with the fresh afro like this…
jermain afro

Or you remember him with the Jheri curl, like this..
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.55.54 PM
So that’s why so many people are still trying to get adjusted to seeing him rock this…jermaine smiling
BUT NOW Jermaine has taken his hairline to a whole ‘notha level! When he went out for his birthday, without is wife, he was rockin’ THIS NEW AND IMPROVED HAIRLINE…

jermaine double hair pic The edges seem to have come inward more toward the middle of his forehead to form somewhat of a semi-circle shaped hairline and the back is like an S-curl of some sort.

Can we be real with you for a second? Okay cool. Jermaine is a music artist we respect GREATLY, but his hair has become an art all on it’s own. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding a little enhancement to the hairline area, but we’re not sure if Jermaine is intentionally closing in his hairline to the point to where his edges are about to meet up in the front for attention, or if he simply doesn’t know that it doesn’t look natural and has no one around him willing to tell him about it. But whatever the reason, I say his hair is a keeper- I know you’re probably thinking “What?!! A keeper?!!” But hear me out first- if it weren’t for Jermaine’s hairline/S-curl/wave/flat top/taper/gelled down defiant semi-circle hairline hairdo, would folks really be talking about him as much? Nope! So in his case, that age-old media rule applies- ALL publicity is good publicity- the good, the bad, and the newly formed hairline ugly. Props to Jermaine for making us all talk about him!
hair9 On the flip side, we’ve gotta also give this man his props for making 61 look like the new 41. He’s in great shape and taking care of himself. Keep up the good work Jermaine…and keep that hairline razor sharp and colored in. Peace, love and hair grease.
jermaine peace

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