Mariah Carey’s Brother Puts Her On BLAST Over Their Dying Sister

Posted On : March 13, 2016

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Mariah Carey’s (45) big brother, Morgan Carey (51), is putting her on full blast after he says she is doing some outright foul stuff to his family. According to Morgan, his baby sis’, Mariah, is selfish and insensitive and now that their sister, Alison, needs help more than ever, as her health is deteriorating due to complications from the AIDS virus, he claims that Mariah is letting her true “evil witch” (as he referred to her) side surface.

Morgan has just spoken with The Sun Herald to let the world know what’s up with his sister’s health and with his stance on Mariah. Morgan Carey says his sister, who has an estimated $350million fortune, refuses to pay for hospital treatment for their dying sister.

Mariah Carey's sister, Alison Carey
Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey

He raged about the pet-loving star:

“She probably spends more on dog food than it would cost to make sure her sister gets properly cared for. “Your sister is dying and she is struggling and where are you? You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch.”

Morgan also claims Mariah failed to get in touch during Alison’s serious and ongoing battles with her health.

“Mariah needs to step up. I flew in from Hawaii last year when Alison was taken off a ventilator, believing she was going to die. My sister didn’t even show up at the hospital. Thankfully Alison had a miraculous recovery but now she needs brain and spinal surgery and will be going into hospital any day.

Alison has desperately reached out to Mariah over and over again. We never hear back.”

Mariah Carey and her brother, Morgan
Mariah Carey and her brother, Morgan

Morgan also said that Mariah turned her back on he and his wife during their time of grief a while back. Morgan also claims 45-year-old Mariah is heartless and self-obsessed and failed to get in touch when his wife lost their baby.

“I told Mariah my wife had miscarried and she never even responded to that email either.“But that’s typical, because the world has to revolve around Mariah and there is no room in the world apart from her.”

mariah carey sister alison4We are sending prayers and well wishes to their sister, Alison, and we sincerely hope that she gets the medical help that she needs to pull through this. Secondly, this is just sad no matter how we look at it. Unfortunately, oftentimes when there is major money involved, it can be difficult to maintain relationships with some loved ones- although we’re not sure if that is where these problems started with Mariah and her siblings, we have seen this with many other celebs- but when tragedies like Alison Carey’s illness, happen, it’s never too late to mend those broken fences and rebuild that family bond. It may be easier said than done, but it is still doable and we hope that whatever tensions Mariah and her siblings are harboring will be hashed out really soon because time is of the essence with their sis.’


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