Michael Bivins Checked Interviewer Over These False Allegations

Posted On : October 6, 2015

fb michael bivinsNew Edition’s and BBD’s Michael Bivins did a rare interview with Power 105’s Breakfast Club to let people know about the upcoming N.E. biopic that’s currently in pre-production. Biv’ is always the cool, level headed cat in the group and he remained so even as he checked one of the hosts, Dj Envy. Although Bivins knows Envy very well and even sends his kids birthday and Christmas gifts on the regular, that didn’t stop him from taking that opportunity to officially check his boy live on nationally syndicated radio.

boyz II men nowApparently DJ Envy interviewed Boyz II Men recently and he implied that Michael Bivins stuck them for their music royalties, by comparing Bivins to singer and former manager of TLC, Pebbles (who has a reputation of robbing TLC of their royalties). Bivins being the cool dude that he is, never uttered a word of his dislike for that comment to Envy off-air, because he wanted to clear his character and his name in front of millions instead…and cleared he did. Biv’ laid the facts on the table to let envy and the world know that he is no Pebbles, and that he treats all of his artists fairly- always has, and always will.

Watch that part of interview below (and if you want to see all of the other info he revealed about New Edition and himself, rewind it to the beginning).

Turn the page to see 5 other things we learned from Bivins’ interview…

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